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To configure the LDAP server:

  1. In IMail Administrator, expand localhost in the left panel.
  2. Expand the Services folder, and click on LDAP. The LDAP tab appears in the right panel.

  1. Enter the options you want to use to configure the LDAP server.
Each option is described at the end of this procedure.
  1. Click Apply to save your changes.
  2. After making changes, stop the service, wait 5-10 seconds and restart the service. Any changes that you make are saved automatically as soon as you click Stop/Start.


Install Location. The directory where the OpenLDAP files are located; by default the installation path is C:\IMail or for the ICS installation of IMail
C:\Program Files\Ipswitch\Collaboration Suite\IMail\OpenLDAP. You can change this location, but you must move the OpenLDAP files manually to the location that you specify in this field. You can also browse to the installation location by clicking the browse button.

Port. The port that the LDAP server runs on. This can be changed to allow OpenLDAP to run on the same server as another LDAP server.

Version. The version of OpenLDAP that is installed.

Init LDAP. Initializes the LDAP database for the server. Do not use it unless you are having severe problems with the LDAP database and want to completely overwrite the database with just the user IDs that are stored in the Windows registry. Try synchronizing the LDAP database to resolve any problems.

Synchronize LDAP. Attempts to clean up orphaned accounts or add accounts that do not yet exist.

Server Status. A status message to the left of the Start/Stop button shows the version number, and whether or not the service is running. The button toggles between Start and Stop depending on whether or not the service is running.

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