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The Web Address for IMail Web Calendaring

By default, the IMail Web Calendaring server is assigned a Web address that consists of the host name of the IMail Server host and a Web server port number. The default port number is 8484. For example, if your mail host had a name of, then the address is:

Your mail users can start IMail Web Calendaring by entering the address in their browser's address field.

If you are not running another Web server on the same host, you can set the port number to the normal HTTP (Web) server port of 80. In this case, users do not have to specify the port with the Web address. For example, they could enter:

Note that some firewalls may block the 8484 port, in which case you need to change the port number.

If You Have Multiple Mail Hosts

If you have set up multiple mail hosts on your IMail Server system, the Web address is determined by whether the mail host has it's own IP address or uses a virtual IP address. (For information on virtual hosts, see "IMail Configuration".)

If each host has its own IP address, you will have a different Web address for each host. For example, if you have set up the following hosts: 

the Web address for the respective hosts would be: 

If a mail host does not have an IP address, then it will have the same Web address as the primary mail host. For example, if you have set up the following hosts:	<$virtual IP> 

the Web address for both hosts would be: 

The host can still have its own set of users, but users on this host must identify the host when they enter their logon user ID. For example, the user fred on would enter the Web address to open the Logon page, then enter as his user ID.

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