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Displaying Online Advertisements

You can set up IMail Web Calendaring to display advertising. Ads are displayed at the top of each calendar page and can consist of HTML text and/or graphics, including hyperlinks. Multiple ads are also supported on a time-sharing basis. With Ad Support enabled, IMail Web Calendaring cycles through up to 1000 ads, changing the displayed ad every 30 seconds. You can enable ads for each mail host. Thus, making it possible to have different ads for different hosts.

To enable ad support:

  1. In IMail Administrator, select the mail host in the left panel.
  2. In the right panel, select the Web Calendaring Ad Support tab.
  3. Select Enable Ad Support.
To disable ad support, make sure this box is cleared.

To create or edit an online advertisement:

  1. On the Web Calendaring Ad Support tab, click Add.
  2. In the Ad Content dialog box, enter the HTML code and text for the ad and click OK.
An ad can contain up to 512 characters of HTML code. It can display .gif files and link to Web addresses (URL).
If an ad is larger than the frame size, a scroll bar appears on the right side of the frame. Thus, an ad can be a full Web page.
  1. The newly created add is now displayed on the Web Calendaring Ad Support tab. Click Apply on this tab to save your changes.

You can enter up to 1000 ads using the interface. The ads you entered are saved in the file ads.txt. If you prefer to use an editor rather than the IMail Administrator, you can enter and edit ads by opening ads.txt in an editor. There is no imposed limit to the number of ads if you enter them manually in the ads.txt file.

To create or edit a trailer message:

The trailer (tail) message, stored in the tail.html file, appears in the frame at the bottom of the screen if you have Ad Support enabled. To create a trailer message, do the following:

  1. Select the mail host in the left panel, and click the Web Calendaring Content tab in the right panel.
  2. Click Trailer Screen to open the tail.html file for editing.
  3. Enter the HTML code and text for the trailer message and save the file.
This must be a full HTML page, starting with <HTML><BODY> and ending with </BODY></HTML>.

A nice idea for using the trailer message is to use a Java scrolling text area to print any current news.

In addition to the above procedure, you can also edit tail.html directly in a text editor. tail.html is located at [IMail Top Directory]\Web\Calendar.

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