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Configuration Files

Following are the changes you can make to the Web Messaging templates and other configuration files to alter their appearance and functionality. Most configuration files are located in the \IMail\Web directory and are in the format of config_filename.cgi. You should not modify any .cgi file that does not begin with config_. The binext.txt file that determines whether attachments should be handled as binary files is located in the \IMail directory.

Customizations in Bold should be done immediately following installation.

Edit colors

You can edit colors globally in the stylesheet.cgi file. Don't forget to edit the bgcolor parameter of the tag at the end of that file, so that browsers that do not support CSS will display the correct background color.

Changing Button Labels and Logos

For buttons and logos that have a.gif file, you can replace them with your own .gif file. To create your own button, you can use one of the following blank button gif files, located in the IMail/web directory.

blank_button_57_24.gif (small button: height 57 pixels, width 24)

blank_button_74_24.gif (large button: height 74 pixels, width 24)

Edit Header and Footer Globally

Editing the Language Displays

Miscellaneous Customizations

Sales -,Support -,Info -
config_CommonAddrBookDivider.cgi. This is simply the text of the divider line between a user's personal address book entries, and the common address book entries. Use whatever you want, but make sure there are no carriage returns present.
For example, if you want to handle Macromedia Flash files as binary attachments, add a line in the binext.txt file as follows: .fla

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