Culture and Values

At Ipswitch, our employees are our greatest assets. By hiring the best and treating them well, everyone wins: customers, suppliers, employees and their families. Our workplace honors work and family balance and discourages unnecessary rules and bureaucracy.

We encourage employee development and have worked hard to build an organization where contributions, ideas and opinions are freely shared and adopted. As part of our belief in doing the right thing, Ipswitch supports many charitable organizations with both financial support and voluntary service by our employees.

Ipswitch Values

  • Ambition
    • We are a place where people aim high and achieve their potential.
    • We foster opportunity and personal and professional growth for our employees
    • We take thoughtful risks, overcome adversity, learn from our mistakes and adapt
    • As we achieve, we set new, more challenging goals
  • Honesty and Integrity
    • We are honest, treat each other with respect and act with integrity
  • Diverse, Empowered Teams
    • We work together to achieve shared goals
    • We encourage new ideas and constructive disagreement
    • We minimize bureaucracy and rules, asking those closest to the work to make decision and take action
    • We seek diversity of people and ideas to make us stronger
  • Health and Community
    • We strive for fulfilling lives, with time to rest, reflect, learn, explore and be active with family, friends and community
    • We encourage employee community involvement. We support local and global communities because we believe vital communities are important for our growth and success
    • We seek to influence others by our example