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WhatsVirtual v15: Features

| January 1, 2011 | Infrastructure Monitoring Products

Advanced Capabilities for VMware Virtual Server Monitoring

WhatsVirtual is a newer plug-in to the WhatsUp Gold core platform that allows you to discover, map, monitor and manage your VMware virtual server environment exactly in the same way and from the same console as your physical server infrastructure, applications and network devices. Key features include the following –

WhatsVirtual Basics

  • Fully integrates into Standard, Premium, and Distributed versions of WhatsUp Gold for single console operation of all infrastructure and applications
  • Natively integrates with the VMware API ( based on the VMware vSphere Web Services SDK) to manage VMware ESXi v3.5 and upwards
  • Oversees health, availability and performance of VMware vCenter Servers, the heart of your VMware investment
  • New VMware vCenter, vMotion and High Availability support
  • Seamless discovers all physical and virtual resources deployed in your environment
  • Displays virtual server performance seamlessly along with information from your physical servers
  • Tracks live virtual machines migrations in real-time, and understand virtual to physical relations at all times
  • Automatically groups and maps ESXi hosts and all associated virtual machines for easy visualization of relationships
  • Supports all existing WhatsUp Gold Alert Center workflows and threshold configuration capabilities for rapid problem identification and resolution anywhere in your infrastructure

WhatsVirtual Reporting

  • Virtual Host List report details the name and IP address of the VMware ESXi host machine and all associated virtual machines.
  • Virtual Host Attributes report displays all the host server details including running configuration of the server (for example, VMware ESXi and its version), the build number and boot time
  • Extends individual server performance reporting including CPU, Memory, Disk and Network Interface utilization metrics to virtual machines
  • New workspace reports by resource shows resource (e.g. CPU, Memory, Disk, Network Interface) allocation and consumption by the host and associated guest machines

WhatsVirtual Management Actions

  • Supports new VMware actions for multiple management tasks including –
    • Power On
    • Power Off
    • Suspend
    • Reset
    • Shutdown Guest
    • Reset Guest
    • Take Snapshot (back up of virtual machine image)
  • New WhatsUp Gold Action library elements to support automated and schedule execution of VMware management tasks

All data collected by WhatsVirtual uses FIPS 140-2 compliant algorithms for data integrity and privacy. WhatsVirtual is backed by the WhatsUp Gold technical support team.

Download a FREE trial of WhatsUpGold v15 for your desktop by visiting www.whatsupgold.com

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