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WhatsUp Gold v15

| January 1, 2011 | Infrastructure Monitoring Products
  • Manage, optimize and secure your network from a single pane of glass – at a fraction of the cost. Integrated layer 2 discovery and maps, redesigned interface, lightning fast performance, and easier to use than ever before!
  • Plus WhatsUp Gold offers now an executive view into the security of your key enterprise assets. Now you can easily use WhatsConnected to automatically discover, map and visualize port to port  connectivity and layer 2 topology information, and see it all from WhatsUp Gold. Automatically harness the power of the WhatsConnected layer 2 discovery and mapping engine directly from the WhatsUp Gold discovery console, without any additional steps.

WhatsUp Gold v15 at a glance

  • See deeper than ever before – Integrated layer 2 discovery and maps (together with WhatsConnected)
  • Web interface has been completely re-designed, it is incredible simple to use and lightning fast. V15 includes now:
    • Completely new ribbon-based navigation system
    • Console functionality exposed in web interface
  • Integrated view of network performance and security of key enterprise assets — in the same interface. WhatsUp Event Log Management exposes now key security-centric information in the form of WhatsUp Gold workspace views, so you can manage and secure your network from the same interface.  Visualize executive security summaries –alarms. Critical events (errors, failure audits), warning events or success audits– or  quickly drill-down into specific devices or computers to zero-in into security threads – your choice.
  • New Dynamic LiveMaps are automatically updated to reflect up-to-date virtual to physical associations at all times

Download a FREE trial of WhatsUpGold v15 for your desktop by visiting www.whatsupgold.com

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