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WhatsUp Gold Boosts Security for Southern US City School District

| January 7, 2014 | Infrastructure Monitoring Products, Network Mapping, Network Monitoring, Secure File Transfer

A major southern US city school district with more than 40,000 students reached out to the Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold team for help after a failed attempt to implement another company’s network monitoring software. Increased security concerns were driving the school system to increase investment in building and campus safety precautions. But the monitoring software wasn’t cooperating.

In testing the other company’s software, they found it:

  • Didn’t have the Level 2/3 discovery granularity. This was required to identify and monitor everything from servers to applications, to component-level information in servers. As well as switches and other devices like security cameras.
  • Couldn’t create a complete map of a network of schools stretching across the city. That would make it hard to determine what was new new and what was old so they could upgrade efficiently.
  • Couldn’t identify or monitor many SNMP-addressable devices already in place. Devices like metal detectors and the security cameras. Because it didn’t have MIBs for them in its library of devices.

CaptureddBut each area the IT director found fault with could be remedied with WhatsUp Gold, the director was promised by an Ipswitch sales engineer. “I was told it wouldn’t take more an hour,” she said. Skeptical, but intrigued, the director took the plunge and downloaded the software. Less than an hour later she was pleasantly surprised to have in hand a complete map and a detailed inventory of all the devices making up the city’s widely distributed network of schools.

Peace of Mind

Now the school district had the information they needed determine what they could keep and what they’d have to replace. This allowed them to enhance student and staff security and control vandalism of school properties. Unlike the other software, WhatsUp Gold allows administrators to add MIBs for devices not already in WhatsUp Gold’s library in just minutes.

Once the first wave of safety improvements was in place, the IT director used WhatsUp Gold to monitor the health of all the network devices. They were able to take action quickly if WhatsUp Gold detected a problem with any device. For instance, one of the high school’s metal detectors went off line late one afternoon. An automated alert and an intuitive trouble-shooting interface allowed the staff to identify the root cause in minutes and reset the system.  

“The major benefits of using WhatsUp Gold include increased peace of mind, a reduced administrative workload and higher device service levels,” the director reports.

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