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Training: The Often Overlooked Key to Success

| October 20, 2010 | Network Monitoring

By Andrew Couture, Sales Manager| North America

Finally! After days, weeks, or maybe even months of researching, evaluating, budgeting, and securing approval, you got the green light to purchase new software. But now what? You know that the product meets your requirements because you were able to test it out during your evaluation period, but now the rubber meets the road, and you are tasked with implementation.

All eyes are on you and how quickly you are able to extract the value from the investment your company just made. It may be the key to your big promotion, and you know that if you could just move the deadline out a few weeks or could get some additional help, you could knock this out of the park because it is not difficult…it is just unfamiliar.

Consider this example: Let’s say you had no idea how to use Microsoft Excel and your boss suddenly needed some numbers crunched, preferably with corresponding graphs, and she needed it immediately. Now, Microsoft’s Office Suite programs are known for being pretty intuitive and there’s no doubt that with a few hours and a lot of patience, you would figure it out and do a fine job…the problem is she needs it now.

So what do you do? What most people do is find the resident Excel expert and get a crash course in the functions to use, the shortcuts to save time, the best way to display certain calculations, etc. and lean on that person to help give you the training you need in real-time. Your output is that much better, that much faster.It’s not that different when it comes to investing in Training or Professional Services for more specialized software. Sure, you can figure it out on your own and you’d do a great job at it, as long as you are given the time. But even with the most intuitive and easy to use products, tapping into a knowledge expert speeds up the implementation and provides visibility into things that you otherwise might not discover.

It’s kind of like this: Any experienced hiker can climb a mountain for the first time and eventually reach the summit, but given the choice, having a guide who has done it before will get them there the quickest.

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