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The New CIO – Problem Solver, Data Breach Warrior and Cyborg

| August 5, 2010 | Cloud Computing, Compliance, Data Breach, Secure File Transfer

Estimate how many pieces of sensitive files and data your company has … Now multiply that by $204. I’m sure you’ll agree that the ROI on the time and resources spent to protect company data are well worth the investment.
Hugh Garber – in a July 28th, 2010 blog

Hugh and the rest of the world have been talking about the 2010 Data Breach Report from Verizon Business that was released last week.

One of the many frightening figures given was that “96% of breaches were avoidable through simple or intermediate controls.”

Here’s a bit of a catch 22 though, in a recent article by Stuart Sumner of Computing, he says that “while technological advances can provide more capable security, they can also often provide opportunities to cyber criminals.”

What can we do?

Here’s where things get … interesting, and leaves me thinking that perhaps Cyberdyne Systems isn’t such a fictional company after all (yes, that’s a “Terminator” reference – c’mon “cyborg” is in the title of this post)

Sumner suggests that CIO’s can fight back against these data breaches with enforced encryption, reporting and biometric technology, and that “selecting the correct blend of tools to protect the business is key for CIOs today, and encryption and end point security can help.”

The concept and practice of biometric technology is not new to us, and it seems that the case can be made that biometric technology is truly becoming a necessary solution for all businesses.

The article is a quick read on what CIO’s can do to help fight data breaches and it makes a motivating case for biometric technology.

In writing this blog post I find myself interested in your thoughts on that, is biometric technology something that your company would benefit from?

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How IT Pros Can Save 30 Minutes a Day

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