Discovering, Mapping, Displaying Virtual Machines with WhatsVirtualNetwork managers are always looking for ways to increase performance and simultaneously cut down on  costs. For this reason, the introduction of virtualization in the network was welcomed with open arms and implemented into IT infrastructures across the globe.

Of course, while virtualization has been considered an asset to most organizations’ IT infrastructures, it did not come without complications. In fact, it introduced a whole new set of issues for network administrators tasked with monitoring and managing their networks. A lot of network management solutions out there are not equipt to handle VMware virtualized environments. This forces network admins to employ multiple solutions, resulting in increased workloads and, in some cases, holes in their network topology.

Obviously the increasing migration companies are making towards more virtualized environments within their IT infrastructures has caused network management providers to begin addressing this and integrating it into their solutions. There is, however, a bit of a checklist that should be considered when evaluating virtualized server environment monitoring and management solutions:

  • Automatic discovery and mapping of VMware ESX/ESXI host and guest (virtual) machine roles
  • Native Integration with the Powerful VMware API
  • The ability to instantly execute as well as schedule recurring execution of management tasks of virtual machines
  • Workspace reports for instant visibility into both virtual and physical server environments
  • The ability to receive alerts and notifications when issues arise in your VMware virtualized environment

WhatsUp Gold WhatsVirtual delivers all of the above, and most importantly, allows you to monitor and manage both your physical and VMware virtualized environments from a single console. But don’t take my word for it, here is one of our expert WhatsUp Gold developers to give you some more information:

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