In the final installments of WCBS’s CEO Radio’s Ray Hoffman’s interview with the CEO & Founder of Ipswitch, Inc., Roger Greene,  the following topics are discussed:

Part 10: A Company That Gives As Good As It Gets

  • Ipswitch donates 5% of company profits before taxes to charity. If Apple did this, it would have donated more than $2 billion.

Part 11: The Power of Good Deeds

  • Ipswitch Network Management Division has the “Twenty4Twenty” program in which every employee in the division must complete 20 hours of community service within the year.

Part 12: It’s Been A Good Last Few Years for Ipswitch

  • Since 2007 (at the beginning of the recession), Ipswitch’s earnings nearly doubled and revenues increased 42%.

Part 13: An Affinity For Birthday Celebrations

  • For Ipswitch’s 10th birthday all employees went on a cruise and for the 20th birthday all employees and their families went to Palm Beach for a 3-day weekend.

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In the eighth installment of the series of interviews with Roger Greene, CEO & founder of Ipswitch Inc., Hoffman and Greene discuss how you can usually learn a lot about a company from its mission statement.  For instance, the mission statement of Ipswitch talks about developing innovative IT software, which is easy to learn and use.  “That is the essence of what makes a good software company I think,” says Greene.  Greene also highlights how really good communication and process are necessary for success and resources must be allocated appropriately despite the extensive time, thought, and effort this task might take.  

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In Part 7 of the series of interviews with Roger Greene, CEO & founder of Ipswitch Inc., Hoffman focuses the conversation on Greene’s business decisions in the early years of running Ipswitch.  Greene discusses how for the first year, it was just him plus one other partner outside of the company who developed technology, essentially a one man research & development department.  In 1992, Greene continued to proceed slowly, adding only two more employees.  “Roger Greene recognized that trying to make a splash without having the right technology was a waste of good capital,” says Hoffman. Greene notes that Ipswitch was growing as slowly as revenues permitted and in the beginning a large marketing budget would not be necessary because if you got it right with internet software, the word would spread.  Hoffman highlights how Ipswitch has now grown to a 65 million dollar a year company.

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In the 6th installment of the series of interviews with Roger Greene, CEO & founder of Ipswitch Inc., Ray Hoffman discusses how over the years of conducting many interviews, he has learned that many successful entrepreneurs started their companies when times were tough.  When Roger Greene founded Ipswitch in 1991, Hoffman notes how this not a great year to start a company, considering the downturn in commercial real estate.  Greene, however, achieved successful by taking it slowly.  His personal nature in combination with the state of the economy influenced his slow pace and his decision to wait for positive feedback before scaling up.

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In the 5th installment of this series, Roger Greene, CEO & Founder of Ipswitch, Inc., discusses that before his founding of Ipswitch in 1991, Roger Greene worked for a pioneering software company, FTP Software, where he was able to witness first-hand the dramatic changes that resulted from the development of the internet.  Before this development, Greene talks about how dial up phone lines were used to check emails every hour or so.  Greene discusses with Hoffman how the internet’s early childhood was a “magic time” due to the ability to send and receive emails from PC to PC much more quickly.  “The magic of being able to send and receive email on your PC was something that gave people a visceral satisfaction” says Greene. 

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Part 4: Preparing For Technology Of Today

In “Part 4: Preparing for Technology of Today,” Roger Greene discusses how the courses he took years ago still have helped prepared him for the technology of today.  Greene notes how the courses he took in business school were beneficial because they focused on learning many different computer languages and this type of learning is general enough that as technology has changed, he is still able to talk about it with people today. 

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