The WhatsUp Gold team is honored to announce that last week at the inaugural IT Pro awards hosted in London, WhatsUp Gold Version 15 won the Business Software Product of the Year, defeating competition from the likes of Microsoft Office 365. 

Honoring the industry’s best, the majority of the categories were reader-voted, with the remaining category winners chosen by an expert panel of IT Pro contributors.  Ennio Carboni, president of Ipswitch Network Management Division commented “Winning Business Software Product of The Year award at the inaugural IT Pro awards is a true honor and highlights the landmark year for Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold.”

The WhatsUp Gold team is excited to announce the release of our new free tool: IP Address Tracker!

With the ability to automate the discovery of IP spaces, the IP Address Tracker (IPAT) tool saves time and eliminates human-errors associated with updating home-grown databases or spread sheets. Invaluable with IP address management, key features include:

  • Discover your IP space quickly, centrally and without human errors
  • Identify free and in-use IP addresses
  • Know your IP address utilization
  • Locate duplicate IP addresses
  • Categorize discovered devices automatically
  • Find an IP addresses using its hostname, status or MAC address

To learn more about IPAT, or to download, click here.

“Compliance & Security for IT Professionals”

  • Date: Tuesday, November 15th
  • Time: 10:00am US EST

Join the WhatsUp Gold team for this exciting webinar to learn what you need to know to keep your compliance and security counterparts off your back! We’ll cover:

  • How to detect and prevent unauthorized access to key enterprise information such as customer credit card data, employee, patient or financial records
  • Compliance regulations like PCI, SOX, FISMA and which ones apply to your business
  • Strategies for making compliance a part of your existing network management practices
  • Key compliance-centric reports you need to generate
  • How to leverage your WhatsUp Gold investment to help you with your security & compliance obligations

Everyone who attends is entered to win an iPad!

Learn more and register today!

WUG MD is a doctor in training…and the WUG developers would like to see how it works so far with real patients! Test the second build of WUG MD beta by August 15, 2011 and be entered to win 1 of 20 gift cards.

We are exploring how customers are setting up their deployments and what issues we can identify to make troubleshooting less painful for you, more accurate and FASTER. . In an effort to SIMPLIFY troubleshooting, the WUG Tech Support and R&D teams collaborated to develop the WUG MD utility. The goal of the WUG MD utility is to help you and the WUG Tech Support team in Atlanta to more quickly and accurately troubleshoot issues with your WhatsUp Gold deployment when needed.

WUG MD is a passive reading utility application. It will NOT change any configurations in your system. WUG MD will allow you to gather some statistical information about your WUG system. WUG MD gathers the following information by default:

  • Device types and counts
  • Number of active, passive, and performance monitors defined, collected, & disabled
  • Device types & counts
  • Active & performance monitor types & counts
  • Database & database table sizes
  • Database type & version
  • Serial number, registered name, & licensed plugins

Send us your test results by August 15 to be entered to win one of 20 Amazon gift card awards!


Visit the WUG MD Beta forum for more details and to download the utility application:

Have you checked out the WUGspace Community Site yet? WUGspace allows network engineers, IT managers, architects and system administrators – WUG users or not – to connect with other IT professionals and see what their peers are doing and benefit from shared scripts and best practice recommendations. The IT-centric community exists solely for your benefit so sign up and check it out today!

                                           Check it out here.

There’s a lot to like about our recently launched WhatsUp Gold version 15! Roger Greene, our CEO, has blogged that he is “particularly proud of this release because of its emphasis on user experience.” Check out Roger’s full blog post, “User Experience Is A Feature,” to learn more about why he is especially proud of this launch.

When you embark on a new adventure, including purchasing new software, it is a whirlwind of excitement and relief that is often combined with confusion and anxiety. Clearly, this apprehension isn’t going to prevent people from buying new products and services, so what’s the solution to help minimize their concern? The answer is simple – training. For more information on the benefits on training check out a blog post from Andy Couture, one of the Sales Directors here.

Training can be received in three ways – online, onsite at your office, or in an open classroom – and each option offers unique features. Read more about the WhatsUp Gold Certified Hands-on Training now.

Software should make your life simpler.

That’s been the mantra of our WhatsUp Gold developers from year one, nearly 20 years ago.Today, this dilegence and commitment to our customers was vindicated by NetworkManagementSoftware scribe, Aaron Leskiw.

Leskiw conducted an in-depth review of WhatsUp Gold Premium, focusing on the usability and simplicity of the product in relation to the robust feature set that it delivers.

Leskiw’s bottom line on the review of WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition was: “The big question is: Does WhatsUp Gold deliver on its promise of making your job easier? Yes it does – and very well! All of the features tested performed superbly and the software was simple to install.

Share in our success (afterall, it’s with your feedback that we’ve successfully developed our user-friendly IT Managemetn solution!) and check out the full review here:

Check out the full review here:

A recent review of WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition from Aaron Leskiw on poses the question: Does network management have to be complicated?

Obviously, we think it should be just the opposite, and build our network management solutions with the goal of making the life of a network administrator that much easier. Leskiw conducted a pretty in-depth review of WhatsUp Gold Premium, focusing on the usability and simplicity of the product in relation to the robust feature set that it delivers.

The bottom line on the review of WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition? Well Leskiw had this to say: “The big question is: Does WhatsUp Gold deliver on its promise of making your job easier? Yes it does – and very well! All of the features tested performed superbly and the software was simple to install.

Check out the full review here:

WUG_Bell_300dpiWhatsUp Gold v14 Premium was recently added to the U.S. Department of Navy’s Application and Database Management System (DADMS) list. Previous versions of WhatsUp Gold have been on the list since v11. As a member of the DADMS list, WhatsUp Gold v14 Premium has been rigorously tested to ensure compliance with the Navy’s application reduction initiative.

Other members of the WhatsUp Gold Family are frequently used by government offices and Federal agencies. For instance, WhatsUp Gold Event Log Management Suite is not only used by the U.S. Navy, but also the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Homeland Security, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and all branches of the U.S. military.

Having the newest and most up-to-date versions of WhatsUp Gold allows government organizations to be confident in the availability, health, and security of their critical infrastructures. It is our hope at Ipswitch to continue to provide powerful network management solutions that maintain the high standard of performance and adherence to regulations the U.S. Navy and other Federal branches have come to expect. WhatsUp Gold v14 Premium and WhatsUp Gold Event Log Management Suite continue this tradition.

Twenty years and counting in business and WhatsUp Gold just keeps getting better!

We’re excited to announce our largest release in the history of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold today – v14.2.

We couldn’t have done it without our customers – literally. You guys are responsible for the development and inclusion of four new major features:

–       Business hour reporting was the #1 requested feature

–       Blackout summary notifications was the #4 most requested feature

–       Errors and discards monitoring was the #6 most requested feature

–       PDF scheduled/email reports was the #9 most requested feature.

We are also releasing two new plug-ins:

WhatsUp Gold WhatsVirtual – Now you can monitor and manage both physical and virtual VMWare environments from a single console!

WhatsUp Gold Failover Manager – Keep your peace of mind that your WUG data will be safe with this secondary WUG Server in the case of a primary server failure.

In addition we’ve made many improvements to three of the four other plugins, WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor, WhatsUp Gold WhatsConnected and WhatsUp Gold WhatsConfigured.

But I’ll let you hear about it from the Guru. Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel for a complete set of tutorial videos for this release!


Thanks to our partners we are able to reach a large and diverse number of international clients. This wouldn’t be possible without the exceptional help of our International Distributors of the Year for 2009:

Infinigate Deutschland in Europe, Middle East and Africa; ZeroOne Technology Taiwan in Asia Pacific; and LicenciasOnline in Latin America took charge in their respective regions and delivered impressive results.

The WhatsUp Gold Partner Program provides WUG ninjas such as these with resources, certifications, marketing opportunities, expertise, and training on the most up-to-date WUG products. Through collaboration like this, WhatsUp Gold stands to reach network managers in need of solutions in every corner of the world.

Want to learn how to become a WhatsUp Gold Partner? Visit our Partner Section.

Want to find a partner near you? Find one now!

WUG Ninja

Did you see the Squirrel Photobomber picture that has captivated the attention of both the internet and most morning news shows’ this week? No? You’ve been at the beach? Well, good for you.

Anyway, to celebrate the ridiculousness that this furry little creature’s impeccable timing has created during these last lazy days of summer we’ve decided to run our very own Photobomber PhotoShop contest.

But, instead of a squirrel, we want to see your best, most creative, most ludicrous (but work place appropriate) depiction of our wugNinja photobombing any vacation snapshot, family photo, party pic or workplace photo you may have. The contest will run until Noon EST next Wednesday August 26.

The top three winners will receive a gorrillapod tripod, of the green variety. Naturally.

In order to participate you will need:

1) A picture of WhatsUp Gold’s wugNinja (you can save-to-desktop the picture of our wugNinja from our v14 blog post)

2) Photoshop or some other photo altering/enhancing/editing software

3) A sense of humor.

Send submissions to