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Would you like to:
  • Automatically collect both Syslog and Windows event logs across your network?
  • Store your log files for as long as you need (e.g. HIPAA mandates log data retention for 6 years)?
  • Prevent tampering with your archived log files?
  • Receive real-time alerts for key events (e.g. access and permission changes to files, folders, and objects containing employee or financial records, patient information and any other critical information).
  • Generate and automatically distribute compliance or security-centric reports to key stakeholders such as auditors, security personnel or upper management?

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As the year comes to a close its always refreshing to look at where we have been and where we are heading. What better way to gain accurate insight into the industry than going straight to the source? Ennio will share some of his predictions for 2011 in technology with a multi-part blog series.


Server virtualization will become a commodity. According to Gartner, SMBs will deploy more virtual machines in 2011 than enterprises, even though the latter had a few years of headstart. As we’ve mentioned, Ipswitch Network Management hasn’t purchased a single piece of server hardware in 3 years; we rely on virtual servers more than ever before. And we’re not alone-thousands of SMBs have already implemented virtualization and many more are looking to implement it. The need for guidance throughout the process will therefore be prevalent.  Learn about the virtualization process here.

The other thing you can point out was the article I sent you from groofer that talked about utilities stopping incentives for virtualization as it is now commonplace?

Public/Private Cloud Computing

Ennio also thinks that cloud deployments — public and private, will go mainstream next year. This covers all nature of clouds, from infrastructure to platforms and software as a service. Most enterprises and SMBs have embraced cloud based services, but as of 2011 they will build private cloud services with hugely increased capacities through linking to public clouds.

From a management perspective, this means organizations will need to have the tools to manage unified computing environments with network, system, i/o and application layers virtualized. Until now, only a few such tools exist, but 2011 will prove to greatly increase competition in this area.

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