Some folks from the Ipswitch managed file transfer team and I were at RSA Conference U.S. last week where we had some great conversations with lots of IT and security pros including our own customers. Lots of visitors to our RSA booth were looking to looking to automate manual file transfers to shut-down unmanaged solutions being used internally like Dropbox.

Pictures from Ipswitch at RSA 2015.
Pictures from RSA Conference last week in San Francisco. (That’s me and Randy Franklin Smith in the lower left hand corner).

And I was finally able to meet Randy Franklin Smith face-to-face. He was at our booth to sign our recently published Managed File Transfer for Dummies reference book that he co-authored with me. Not only did we have fun bonding as a team, but I got some interesting insights.  First I’ll start with some quotable security quotes heard during keynote sessions:

  • Cybersecurity is a team sport.” (Michael Daniel, winner of the Excellence in Public Policy award)
  • This is a mindset problem. The world has changed, and trust me, it’s not the terrain that’s wrong.” (Amit Yoran, RSA
  • Challenge the platform/foundation because a culture of tradition will take place and things go awry. The challenge is not the tools, but process and people instead.” (Chris Young, Intel)

Observations and Experiences

More people than ever are looking for two-factor authentication, and they were happy to hear it is available with MOVEit Managed File Transfer via SAML 2 integration with Identity Provider solutions like those from OneLogin. (For more details, check out our SSO webinar with Rob Capozzi from OneLogin).

I personally talked with three customers who replaced Axway’s solution with MOVEit Managed File Transfer. Each of them said that MOVEit offered much better technical support, a more productive automation environment, less overall cost, and simple pricing model that doesn’t require lots of component purchases for what they considered minor additional requirements.

And I heard about the need to integrate managed file transfer technology into the existing IT security infrastructure for improved security and control. This includes security and information event management (SIEM) like Splunk, data loss prevention and anti-virus – all of which integrates nicely with MOVEit.

I’m already looking forward to RSA Conference 2016.

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There is so much to absorb at RSA Conference.  The largest gathering of security vendors, solution providers and practitioners in the U.S. certainly didn’t disappoint as the Moscone Center was buzzing with security education and of course lots of thought provoking conversations.

Many of the people I spoke with shared similar concerns of data breach risk, tighter compliance and auditing requirements, and their lack of visibility and control over the tools that people are using inside their organization to share files and data with other people.  IT leaders are feeling pressure (and rightfully so) to regain control over how people share files with other people.  It was also great hear so many people talking about migrating to the public and private clouds in order to take advantage of benefits such as quick provisioning and elasticity.

My favorite conversations at conferences are usually the ones I have with current customers…. And RSA was no exception.  Quite frankly, the key insights I learn from talking with customers help me do my job better.  Many thanks to the dozen or so Ipswitch customers that stopped by our booth and shared stories of how they have successfully consolidated and replaced the various homegrown file transfer tools and scripts, various vendor products, and manual processes they had been relying on with an Ipswitch MFT solution, resulting in improved efficiencies in their business processes as well as a simplified way to demonstrate compliance and consistently enforce security policies for all their file transfer and file sharing activities.

Are you attending RSA Conference next week in San Francisco?  If so, stop by booth #629 at the Moscone Center and say hello the Ipswitch team.

This will be my third year attending RSA.  Not only and I’m looking forward to talking about how Ipswitch’s portfolio of Managed File Transfer solutions can solve the problems you’re experiencing with your current file transfer and B2B environment….  But I’m also looking forward to learning about topics like security attacks, data breaches, mobile threats, cloud security, and compliance along with the other 15,000+ people attending the largest security conference in North America.

If you’re going to be at RSA this year, stop by our Ipswitch booth (#629) to learn how we can help you:

  • Mitigate security risks and data breach exposure.  We’ll show you how to secure and control all files/data moving between systems and people — both internally and externally
  • Reduce complexity by consolidating and replacing the various file transfer products, homegrown solutions, hard to maintain scripts, and tools people use to share files
  • Increases productivity and efficiency by automating manual and labor-intensive workflows with a simple point-and-click interface – No scripting required
  • Provide visibility and auditability into all data transfer and file sharing activities, including files, events, people, policies and processes

We hope to see you there.

Greetings from tradeshow floor at RSA Conference.  Over the last few days I’ve had the pleasure of talking with a dozen or so existing Ipswitch File Transfer customers that stopped by our booth at the RSA Conference.

It’s always a great learning experience to hear the details of how our solutions are being used… Not to mention the inevitable “I wish you could solve this other problem that I’m having”.

Often times that request involves a new capability that’s on our roadmap for an upcoming release.  However, it’s notable that the most common request has been for a capability we already have.

All those conversations went something like this:  “Ipswitch is great for server-based file and data transfers… But what about person-to-person file sharing?” Some customers want an Outlook plug-in, some prefer a browser interface, and it’s unanimous that the solution must be easy for their end users.

Everyone was pleased to learn that we solve that problem today with our Ad Hoc Transfer module for WS_FTP Server (And the MOVEit DMZ version will be available very very very soon).