On January 28th, the U.S. and many countries around the world join to celebrate Data Privacy Day. The annual celebration of Data Privacy Day is intended to promote awareness about how information is collected and to educate individuals of all ages about best privacy practices.  In today’s digital world, where we submit a vast amount of personal information on the web, we need to know how to protect our key information and ask the questions ‘Who is collecting this data?’ and ‘What are they doing with it?’

The National Cyber Security Alliance offers many resources for teens and young adults, as well as parents and kids in hopes of raising privacy issues at home, in the classroom, and throughout businesses.  Visit Staysafeonline.org to explore these educational resources and to spread awareness about Data Privacy Day!

Here at Ipswitch, the WhatsUp Gold offers many products, resources, and tools to help protect the infrastructure of your business and to guard against security threats and loss of key information. Learn more about solutions available from WhatsUp Gold.

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The WhatsUp Gold team is excited to announce our newest free tool: Visual TraceRoute!

The Visual TraceRoute (VTR) tool identifies and isolates network connectivity problems through displaying a packet’s traceroute across a network and providing detailed response time information from start to finish, saving IT administrators time. Key features include:

  • Visualize trace data in real-time using the Topology map
  • Perform traces with ICMP, UDP, and TCP protocols
  • Isolate segment failures and bandwidth bottlenecks
  • Identify response times, domain names hop-by-hop
  • Conduct multiple traces simultaneously
  • Execute Continuous, Timed or one-time traces

To learn more about VTR, or to download, click here!

Multi-enterprise collaborative implementations and deployments can be extremely difficult to benefit from because all too often the companies deploying these solutions overly emphasize the security mechanisms and protocol support. While those aspects are important, the ecosystems around companies are expanding to include smaller partners and Prosumers that need to be managed, provisioned, and have their expectations met. In short, companies will need to spend the time and effort on better managing all aspects of the interactions in their ecosystem.

The agreement between Cleo Communications and Stonebranch is a good step in this direction, but we continue to advise our customers, prospects, and the overall market to strongly consider the visibility, management, and enforcement aspects of any type of integration and collaboration. Much of this partnership seems to be based on technology around providing multiple protocol and security support. I will never underestimate or undervalue the importance of protocols and security mechanisms, but I will always focus on the larger aspects of governance: visibility, management, and consistent enforcement of policies related to security and performance. These are the things that matter. This agreement furthers my strong and publicly stated beliefs that companies are consolidating their approaches to integration and collaboration.

Simply put, there continues to be a high degree of volatility (this impacts the entire marketplace in a positive way) in the managed file transfer market.