An open port on your network is like an unlocked car with the keys left in it – it’s begging to be exploited.

The Ipswitch Network Management Division just launched the free WhatsUp PortScanner tool which seeks to give network administrators a tool in locking these “open doors,” or ports, before they become targets for hackers, malware, viruses and other malicious attacks.  With the free WhatsUp PortScanner, you can:

  • Identify active hosts using ICMP and TCP
  • Utilize multiple scanning deep-level technologies to find open ports
  • Bookmark scanning configurations as favorites for quick access
  • Utilize the included database of known ports, or customize it to your environment

If, of course, you are looking for a more comprehensive solution that offers layer 2/3 discovery, mapping  and inventory of your entire infrastructure, and port-to-port connectivity – functionality well beyond scanning for open portsWhatsConnected might be a better fit. But WhatsUp PortScanner gives you a nice starting point as you build your network security plan.

Try WhatsUp PortScanner for free today. If you’re looking for a more robust solution, try WhatsConnected today free for 30 days.