The WhatsUp Gold team is thrilled to announce that WhatsUp Gold Version 15 won the Business Software Product of the Year at the inaugural IT Pro awards, beating off competition from the likes of Microsoft Office 365. Additionally, Ipswitch Network Management Division was highly commended in the prestigious IT Team of the Year Category.

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Version 15 was itself designed based on input from its loyal and discerning customer base. Network administrators and engineers use WhatsUp Gold to discover, map and monitor their network devices, log files and flows from a single console, with a user-friendly, single-click methodology. With v15, organisations of all sizes are able to:

  • Access performance and log information from key devices and be proactive in stopping security threats and maintaining compliance
  • Save time by using the customer approved, action-oriented user interface and easy to use ribbon methodology
  • Monitor network traffic and bandwidth usage with just a few clicks – no NetFlow configuration knowledge required
  • Group and manage flow sources together into logical units that are relevant to their architecture or business need
  • Ensure greater security and compliance with FIPS 140-2 encryption and validation for Flow Monitor and WhatsVirtual
  • Discover, map and monitor their network with one-click, and see it all from one interface.

The inaugural IT Pro Awards, hosted at 11 Cavendish Square in London, were held on the evening of 22nd November. They honoured the best this industry has to offer. The majority of the categories were reader-voted, with the remaining category winners chosen by an expert panel of IT Pro contributors.

As we stated in our earlier post, during the month of November each year, men around the world grow moustaches to raise funds and awareness for men’s health. The WhatsUp Gold Ninja is participating this year and after ten days of no shaving he has a lot of stubble!

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WhatsUp Gold Ninja – Movember Day 10:

We all know what it’s like to work with difficult coworkers, over the top bosses – and maybe even the infamous “monster boss.” Check out WhatsUp Gold’s new Monster Boss video and see how WhatsUp Gold enables users to have “more up time and less boss time.”

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There’s a lot to like about our recently launched WhatsUp Gold version 15! Roger Greene, our CEO, has blogged that he is “particularly proud of this release because of its emphasis on user experience.” Check out Roger’s full blog post, “User Experience Is A Feature,” to learn more about why he is especially proud of this launch.

Strategize, Protect and Master Your Network with WhatsUp Gold v15

WhatsUp Gold v15 is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Supercharged to give you absolute control over your network, WhatsUp Gold v15 gives you the power to discover all your assets down to each individual port, manage your network, and protect your data from a single pane of glass — faster, and more easily than ever before! Boasting a brand-new redesigned interface and lightning-fast performance, WhatsUp Gold 15 will even give you an integrated view of layer 2 topology maps, performance and event logs auditing information, from a single interface!

We’re really excited about this new release and hope you are too!

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By Ryan Arsenault

The IPv4-to-IPv6 transition is in full force with the culmination of the celebration – although some network engineers might not see it as a jubilee – being World IPv6 Day, commemorated today.

If you’ll remember correctly, Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) has been around some 30 years and is still predominantly the major player in terms of Internet Layer protocol deployment. We say predominantly as it’s in the early stages of big changes: The last unallocated block of IPv4 addresses was allocated in February.

It isn’t exactly surprising, given the fact that the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has been evangelizing the rapid depletion of unique IPv4 addresses for 20 years when it created a special group to investigate it. This wasn’t the empty promise of the Rapture, folks, there was hard depletion evidence — the multiplying number of mobile devices, always-on broadband networks, etc.

Flash forward to present-day IPv4 address depletion and World IPv6 Day, June 8, 2011, sponsored by the Internet Society. A number of organizations, including Ipswitch, Google and Facebook, have committed to launch their content over IPv6 for a 24-hour period with the goal of motivating companies to prep for IPv6 to ensure smooth transitions.

WhatsUp Gold, of course, has been ahead of the curve with its support of IPv6 for the past five years, including in the newly released v15. We’ve also developed a dedicated IPv6 focused page that commemorates participation in IPv6 World Day by operating over IPv6 for the next 24 hours; this page also has some cool resources to help prepare you for IPv6.

You can directly access the IPv6 page ( or through an automatic proxy from IPv4 ( From an IPv4-only environment, users can utilize a tunnel broker ( or use a proxy ( or another proxy list:

Happy World IPv6 Day! At Ipswitch, we’re ready for IPv6. Are you?