By Matt Cline, Senior Systems Administrator at Optim Healthcare, a network of hospitals and orthopedic medical practices based in Savannah, Georgia.

Stethoscope on a Computer Keyboard

The ultimate goal for our business – IT included – is to deliver the best care and experience for every patient and community we serve.  And this all depends on two key IT resources:

  1. The electronic health record (EHR) system that our 1,400 internal users access to track and update patient records. When this system is unavailable, the staff must revert back to paper records and update the EHR system later. If that happens, patient information could get lost in transition.
  2. Our website and patient portals are also a critical component of our success – much like any company’s websites. Current and prospective patients expect 24/7 access to our portals, whether they want to pay a bill or research our services, and it’s our job to ensure that need is met.

The quicker we can diagnose an application performance monitoring problem – before it impacts our staff or patients – the better.

I use WhatsUp Gold Application Performance Monitor from Ipswitch. In this post I will cover some highlights from the first phase of its implementation. At that time I created and then began using profiles for:

We first tested the Ipswitch IIS profile on a production server and immediately discovered the unknown: 3-4 major deficiencies were the root causes of slowdowns in our database. We found a similar problem in our Microsoft SQL server.  If we hadn’t run the test, we wouldn’t have found these deficiencies issues until a significant slowdown or, even worse, downtime.

The unified dashboard is the best interface I’ve used for these types of tasks. I get a single view at a highly granular level and am getting the data I need to proactively fix problems and eliminate downtime.

I’d be glad to hear about your experiences managing application performance. Feel free to post a comment.

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The WhatsUp Gold team is thrilled to announce the addition of the first UK WhatsUp Gold Authorized Training Centre (ATC), designed to help UK customers leverage the full power and functionality of their Ipswitch network management solution. The ATC is run by Ipswitch Network Management Division Gold partner Level 8 Solutions and is the only currently authorized provider of WhatsUp Gold training in the UK.

To become an ATC, Level 8 Solutions had to undertake extensive training over several weeks and pass a final certification exam from Ipswitch. It can now offer courses to any UK WhatsUp Gold end user that wishes to get the most out of their WhatsUp Gold installation, whether it be creating a custom home dashboard, creating and applying an action policy, or any of the other 30 tips and tricks covered during the sessions.

“We are pleased to be the first accredited training partner in the UK for Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold products,” says Dave Thornton, director, at Level 8 Solutions. “We provide a flexible approach to learning, where customers can opt for either a live webcast or onsite training for the entire WhatsUp Gold suite of products.”

Level 8 Solutions will offer two courses, designed by network engineers for network engineers. They give participants an overview of WhatsUp Gold features and functionality, and develop configuration and management skills. The two-day and three-day courses cover building optimized configurations and creating effective monitoring, management and alerting strategies. The three-day course also utilizes a practical, hands-on element to develop best practices. The courses can be delivered in an open classroom, at a customer’s facility, or online, depending on requirements and time schedules.

“While it is something we take pride in, the simplicity of setting up and configuring WhatsUp Gold can also mean that users are not aware of its full functionality,” stated Ennio Carboni, president of Ipswitch Network Management Division. “We have worked with our partners to design the new training programs to help our customers maximize their investment and harness the power of WhatsUp Gold to develop management systems that will improve the configuration and management of their network, and enhance the visibility and knowledge of their environment. As a result, network administrators will be able to identify and solve problems more quickly; improving the service they offer to their organizations.”

The WhatsUp Gold team is thrilled to announce that we have signed our 100th reseller in the UK – Edinburgh-based Grant McGregor, provider of corporate-quality IT expertise and network computer support services!

Grant McGregor joins the Ipswitch Network Management channel programme as a silver partner and will bolster the line up of seven Gold, 15 Silver and 78 Authorised partners. Grant McGregor is capable of serving as its client’s entire IT department with support, project and IT consultancy services. The addition of WhatsUp Gold to its range of products enables Grant McGregor to provide technical prowess in delivering enterprise level service, regardless of the organisation size.

“Ipswitch Network Management Division’s suite of solutions was something that we felt would perfectly complement our existing portfolio of products. This accompanied by the comprehensive and mature approach of the programme made it really attractive to us,” says Grant McGregor director Jon Towers. “WhatsUp Gold delivers real, tangible benefits to the end user and is capable of monitoring the physical network as well as the virtualised environment through the various plug-ins. We are delighted to be working with Ipswitch Network Management Division and will look to introduce WhatsUp Gold to our ever expanding customer base.”

To read the full press release about this exciting announcement, click here.

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The WhatsUp Gold team is thrilled to announced that WhatsUp Gold Product Family has been awarded the “Best IT Product for Manufacturing” by the Network Products Guide!

The 7th annual achievements and recognition awards program with active participation from a broad spectrum of industry voices, the coveted annual Hot Companies and Best Products recognition program encompasses the world’s best in organizational performance, products and services, hot technologies, executives and management teams, successful deployments, product management and engineering, customer satisfaction, and public relations in every area of information technology.

Why did the WhatsUp Gold Product Family win this coveted award?

Manufacturing firms today seek to improve operational efficiency and consolidate IT resources whenever possible, to deliver the most cost-effective infrastructure possible.  Networks are living entities and planned and unplanned changes happen all the time.  It’s important to really understand your network – what you have and how everything is connected, so you can monitor and protect it.  WhatsUp Gold and WhatsUp Log Management monitor the health, availability and performance across all your infrastructure components, including network devices, servers, applications and virtual resources.  These powerful IT management solutions even provide an integrated view of layer 2 topology maps, performance and event logs auditing information, from a single interface.    

 Being a network engineer for a manufacturing firm of any size isn’t easy – especially when your network serves hundreds, or even thousands of people, who depend on seamless integration between your business and theirs.  Now more than ever, manufacturing firms must establish a secure, efficient and regulatory-compliant IT infrastructure.  Operational efficiency and cost efficiency rule – and its mandatory to consolidate and leverage every possible IT resource – including your staff.  

WhatsUp Gold offers all the capabilities you need to better balance your professional and personal life with the ability to react to events immediately.  And, WhatsUp Gold is cost effective from the beginning while scaling to handle growth.

We’ve got exciting news – WhatsConnected 3.1 is here!

With this latest release, we’ve added your most commonly requested features:

  • Updates to the Devices file for easy categorization.
  • Alert notifications of missing or added devices and network topology changes, you’ll know immediately when your network changes.
  • Exporting of your network maps to .pdf format, a view that cannot be altered by the reader and is great for distribution to your team.
  • Ability to scan for and display port duplex settings to determine if ports are configured correctly. Now you can easily refer back to this information when troubleshooting connectivity issues.
  • Ability to keep older versions of the Discovery file for historical purposes, and you can also specify how many older versions to keep.

 We’re excited and we hope you are too! Take advantage of these new features and more, upgrade your WhatsConnected to version 3.1 today!

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The WhatsUp Gold team is thrilled to announce that we have been named a finalist in the 2012 MicroScope ACE Awards in the Networking category! The 5th annual MicroScope Awards for Channel Excellence (ACEs) recognize the best of the channel for delivering the greatest services, products, and support.

VOTE for WhatsUp Gold for the Best Overall Networking Product! Voting ends May 18th so vote before it’s too late!

Ready to find Web performance problems before your users do?

Enter AlertFox – our new 24×7 Web transaction monitoring service from the cloud. Now you can easily monitor Web applications and multi-step transactions from your end-users’ experience, in minutes!

Join the WhatsUp Gold IT team on Tuesday, May 1st to learn the top 5 best practices for Web transaction management in your organization. Don’t miss out on what your peers are already implementing,  and stay on top of your workload with key strategies for:

  • Multi-step Web transaction and testing
  • Efficiently base-lining response time (to know if there is a problem or not)
  • Interpreting waterfall charts for detailed error reporting
  • And much more!

Detect and prevent hidden problems before it’s too late!  

Sign up now to learn how you can stay one step ahead of your end-user:

Best Practices for Web Transaction Management

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We’ve got the solution for you!

With AlertFox End-User Monitor – our newest addition to the WhatsUp Gold family, you can proactively monitor your web applications and IMMEDIATELY detect:

  • Slow websites
  • Unresponsive applications
  • Failing Web transactions
  • Missing images or incorrect text
  • Different user experiences by browser
  • Geographical response time discrepancies

Use AlertFox to proactively monitor your Web applications and ensure highest quality Web experiences – keeping your users happy and your help desk quiet once and for all!

Here is what you need to know about AlertFox:

  1. It is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), no long-term financial commitments for you.
  2. You can monitor your Web application in minutes! Following your mouse clicks and keystrokes, a true browser-based recorder captures all the steps involved in a Web transaction. Upload your recorded transactions and select your cloud monitoring locations and monitoring frequency – it’s that simple.
  3. You will identify Web problems before the first call to help desk even happens – be the first to know there is a problem.
  4. You can utilize the most popular commercial browsers, including Internet Explorer and Firefox – your tests will capture the performance from real browsers.
  5. Troubleshooting will be painless. You will see exactly what your customers see with AlertFox’s Image Capture on error.

Try AlertFox EUM free today for 30 days!

As President of the Ipswitch Network Management Division, I am thrilled to announce a new addition to the WhatsUp Gold family: iOpus Software, a leading provider of Web application performance testing and monitoring solutions from the cloud. With this acquisition, Ipswitch’s market leading and affordable IT Management solutions will now extend to every layer of web infrastructure from the cloud to the end-user.

Who is iOpus Software?

iOpus Software was founded by Mathias Roth. Annoyed by the growing number of electronic forms he was forced to engage with, he took on the challenge of problem solving and iOpus was born. iOpus’ iMacros and AlertFox End-User Monitoring – Global Edition provides users with the most advanced technology for Web application performance monitoring, including the ability to test, monitor and verify Rich Internet Applications (RIA), and streaming media from an end-user’s perspective. These monitoring capabilities enable organizations of all sizes to ensure business continuity and resolve Web service problems before end-users are impacted.

Why add iOpus to our product family?

The progression towards more web centric business models across all verticals is moving at a fast pace – businesses from furniture sales to medical equipment are all web dependent and  need the ability to monitor the network and the actual websites, from a 360 degree perspective. This space is often referred to as the End-user monitoring space or Real-time end-user monitoring space. It’s a sub market of the fast growing APM marketplace and on its own is one of the fastest growing markets in our IT management space. I expect the web application performance market to grow aggressively for the foreseeable future so it made great business sense for us to evaluate and enter this market.

What does this mean for our customers?

Over the past few years, we have heard very loud, persistent calls from our customers asking if WhatsUp Gold could be extended to solve application performance monitoring. Our philosophy on entering markets is simple: find the experts that can provide a launch pad into the market with legitimacy and a “WOW” factor and we found that with iOpus. We believe the combination of WhatsUp Gold and iOpus solutions will simplify daily life and workload for network administrators, web administrators, and any discipline within IT departments that are responsible for web performance and analytics.

Bottom line is this: we want our customers to count on Ipswitch Network Management Division for all of their network and IT Management needs. The acquisition of iOpus Software enables us to deliver a complete, end-to-end package of cost-effective monitoring and management tools to our growing customer base.

To learn more about this exciting news, watch my video announcement, “Exciting Addition to the WhatsUp Gold Family.”


We’ve got some exciting news – Ipswitch, Inc. has joined the VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program!

With more than 2,000 members worldwide, the VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program works with best-of-breed technology partners to provide them a comprehensive set of VMware technical and marketing services, support, tools and expertise to deliver timely solutions and enhanced value to joint customers.

To read the full press release on this announcement, click here.