The recent Facebook IPO was the biggest in history – after a week of being publicly traded, Facebook’s (FB) stock continues to generate a huge interest. (Although the stock closed strong on the first day it has fallen hard, losing more than 10% in the two days after opening). This has caught the interest of many who are keeping a close watch to see what happens.

As seen in the screen shot below, instead of constantly refreshing the NASDAQ page, you can customize a WhatsUp Gold dashboard to monitor the Facebook share price!

With WhatsUp Gold, you have access to customizable, high-performance monitors, so you can select the visibility and control you need for the service levels you require.

  • Active Monitors – Track and receive alerts in real time when devices and services are down
  • Passive Monitors – Listen for external signals (such as SNMP traps or log messages) to identify and alert on infrastructure issues as they happen
  • Performance Monitor – Track the health of network and application infrastructure over time to proactively troubleshoot and plan
  • Custom Monitors – Track individual performance metrics as required
  • Thresholds Monitors – Be alerted when minimum or maximum thresholds are breached
  • Active Script Performance Monitors – Jscript and VB Script support enable

Want the script? 

Visit the WhatsUp Gold Community to get the script needed to have your WhatsUp Gold solution monitoring the Facebook NASDAQ page.


This week’s NASDAQ data breach has raised serious questions about the security of the US stock exchange and clearinghouses – not to mention further shaken an already fragile investor confidence.

My head is spinning just contemplating the possible ramifications if this network breach had resulted in the theft of non-public inside information that could be used illegally to gain a stock trading advantage!

Ipswitch’s Frank Kenney shares some additional thoughts on this week’s NASDAQ breach, including why it’s so critical that your software/service providers be held accountable for the security and privacy of your files and data.   The confidentiality of your information may very well depend on it.