A Gem of an Application in WhatsUp Gold

Have you ever wanted an easy way to view multiple WhatsUp Gold reports or other application data at a glance? The Dashboard Screen Manager is a great solution to do just that. It’s a stand-alone utilitarian application that’s included with WhatsUp Gold Premium, Distributed, and MSP editions. It’s designed to display a series of Web pages, or a “playlist,” on one or multiple monitors. The Dashboard was developed as a complement to WhatsUp Gold, and as a tool to help keep your network status highly visible. 


The Dashboard runs on a single or multiple display panels and cycles through report pages on the WhatsUp Gold web interface. This capability provides network administrators with important network information on display at all times, cycling and changing report pages without the need of constant configuration or manual navigation. It also provides the capability to view multiple networks that you’re monitoring simultaneously.

Though the Dashboard Screen Manager was developed to work along-side WhatsUp Gold, it can display any web page. For example, a network admin for an Internet business providing service to a small town in the desert glances at a screen on the Dashboard and sees that the connectivity to the town is down. With a display showing the weather for this town on another screen, the network administrator quickly sees that the extreme temperatures of the day have likely caused problems for the cable transmitters. Now she can take swift action to resolve the problem.

The Dashboard Screen Manager is simple to install and configure. Just run the install program, located in the default folder C:Program FilesIpswitchWhatsUpDashboard_Setup.exe. Now configure the web pages you want to display and you’re set with better visibility to web pages and reports that are critical to maintaining network performance. For more information about configuring the Dashboard Screen Manager, see the WhatsUp Gold Help.

-This post was written by Mike Randolph, part of our amazing Research and Development team down in the Atlanta office-


Ipswitch Fortifies Network Operations Services of Connected Office(TM) Solution
LEXINGTON, MA and OTTAWA, CANADA — (MARKET WIRE) — January 16, 2007 — Ipswitch, Inc., a leading IT software vendor, and The Utility Company, a leading supplier of information technology delivered as a utility service, today announced a strategic partnership aimed at the small- and medium-sized business (SMB) market. The partnership will leverage the power of Ipswitch’s WhatsUp network monitoring software within The Utility Company’s new managed services offering, Connected Office.


Connected Office is designed to provide Utility Service Provider (USP) franchisees and their end-user customers with practically everything needed for remote managed IT services through a usage-based utility computing model. Using Connected Office, USPs can easily offer SMB end-users improved network performance and reliability. At the same time, they are able to more easily leverage technology to better execute, automate and manage key business processes without having to hire an IT administrator.

This managed services approach is rapidly gaining traction in the market according to a recent study on managed services from research firm, InfoTech. The study says the market for managed services is expected to experience double-digit growth for the next five years because organizations are looking to improve network performance, increase network reliability and reduce business risk.

“Connected Office enables companies to focus on business productivity and not on technology operations. The Utility Company is partnering with Ipswitch to deliver the network monitoring requirements that underpin Connected Office,” said Mark Scott, President of The Utility Company. “We are following our own advice by partnering with a company that has an easy-to-use, off-the-shelf product that will very quickly enable our USP franchises to profitably deliver managed/utility services.”

Ipswitch’s WhatsUp Professional 2006 Premium Edition monitors and manages application and network resources to keep critical business infrastructure, like email servers and databases, up and running so companies can focus on their core business without worrying about the technology that supports it. WhatsUp is both fast to deploy and exceptionally easy to use.

“Our partnership with The Utility Company is bringing a new approach to the market that will enable end-users to drive higher levels of performance,” said Ennio Carboni, Director of Product Management, Ipswitch. “The Utility Company’s philosophy and Connected Office solution is a strong complement to our software. Together we are bringing a unique ‘shrink-wrapped’ offering to the market.”


The Connected Office 2.0 service suite is currently available. For more information on the offering, see “The Utility Company™ Powers Up at Xchange ’06” at: http://www.theutilitycompany.com/News/2006/08-14-2006.asp.

About The Utility Company

The Utility Company™, the leader in Technology-as-a-Service™, delivers information technology as a utility to small- and medium-sized businesses providing the required hardware, software and service for a monthly fee per user. Our Connected Office™ service suite empowers people to properly leverage technology to operate, communicate and manage their business more effectively to increase productivity, performance and ultimately profit. Our customers are supported by the Utility Service Network delivering on-site service and business-technology consulting across North America; technology sales and service professionals can review the Beyond Managed Services™ franchise opportunity on our website. Learn how to make technology work for your business today at www.theutilitycompany.com.

About Ipswitch, Inc.

Ipswitch develops and markets innovative IT software that is easy to learn and use. More than 100 million people worldwide use Ipswitch software to monitor their networks with Ipswitch WhatsUp®, transfer files over the Internet using the market leading Ipswitch WS_FTP® Professional client and Ipswitch WS_FTP Server and communicate via Ipswitch Imail™ Server. To view the Daily Network Monitor blog, visit http://www.whatsupgold.com/blog. For product and sales information, write to info@ipswitch.com or visit http://www.ipswitch.com. Ipswitch values community involvement; visit http://icare.ipswitch.com to find out how to become involved.

WS_FTP and WhatsUp are registered trademarks of Ipswitch, Inc.

The Utility Company, Connected Office, Beyond Managed Services, and Technology-as-a-Service are trademarks of The Utility Company Ltd. All other product names are property of their respective owners.


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