Rapid business expansion is great for the profit margin, but usually a trial by fire for departments like IT. As a group, IT can have a hard time moving fast enough to keep up in an atmosphere of fast change and new demands, particularly when IT practices and monitoring tools that worked fine in the past just can’t be stretched any further.

When a London auto-parts company decided to go national, they didn’t anticipate just how much strain this growth would create for IT – or how much time IT might need to develop a new way of operating.

Petit Le MansAccording to one long-time IT staffer: “Too much information was in human memory, and that reliance on tradition stopped being effective at some point. And it took a while for us even to see that ‘business as usual’ was hurting us. It turns out the network has no respect for the IT admin’s day off or his expectation that you can’t call him 24/7. This really hadn’t been a problem until we had dozens of sites and the company was doing more business online. By the time we went over 100 stores, it was bedlam

…for one thing, troubleshooting network issues had become a lot harder. It’s one thing to suffer through manually searching router configurations, device logs, etc., to try to get to the bottom of an issue when your network isn’t all that big. But when you are supporting hundreds of users and more remote sites than you can keep track of mentally, you need some serious software to do that for you.”

So after one very long night and one very painful network crash, the company got serious about upgrading both the policies and products they used to ensure the health of the network, everything on it, and every way it could be accessed.

The IT department decided to use WhatsUp Gold and Flow Monitor from Ipswitch: “We evaluated some options. Picking WhatsUpGold was a no-brainer because it made it so easy for us to monitor of all our remote sites and track down small anomalies that in the past would probably have led to downtime, phone calls, and a fire drill in IT. We also needed Flow Monitor, the plug-in lets us keep on top of exactly how traffic is flowing at our most important offices. Now we’re not out of breath all the time, we don’t angry calls all the time, and we are so much better able to get in front of issues and plan for what’s ahead of us.

Are you at the CiscoLive Show, January 30th – February 3rd, in London? We are! Come check us out at Booth #E64 and see what we’ve got in store this year:

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Hope to see you all there!

We are really excited to be here in London as part of another exciting CiscoLive event!  Thousands of IT professionals attend the Cisco Live events that are held around the globe throughout the year; they are a great place for education and training on the latest technologies and trends, certifications testings, and opportunities for attendees to network and chat with vendors like WhatsUp Gold.

If you are at the show, make sure you stop by Booth #E43 – You can chat with the team about any questions you may have, watch a product demonstration, pick up some fun swag, or just say “hi”!

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Frank Kenney, VP of Global Strategy, Ipswitch

Frank Kenney, Ipswitch’s VP of Global Strategy, recently spoke in London at a press conference for InfoSecurity Europe, Europe’s leading information security event which take place on April 27-29, 2010.

Dan Raywood from SC Magazine UK attended this week’s press conference and his article can be seen below:

Problem with the professional consumer is leading to an information security headache
Dan Raywood  January 15, 2010

The culture of the professional consumer, or ‘prosumer’, is leading to increased problems within the workplace.

L. Frank Kenney, vice president global strategy at Ipswitch File Transfer, explained that a ‘prosumer’ is a consumer buyer who purchases an electronic device from personal funds but intends to use it primarily for business rather than consumer applications.

read more “Frank Kenney: Problem with the prosumer is leading to an information security headache”

3M Digital Signage will be launching a comprehensive environment for the remote monitoring, diagnostic analysis and maintenance of devices on a digital signage network at London’ s Screen Expo 2007.

3M_Digital Signage.jpg

The new 3M Digital Signage Software – Network Operations Manager addresses many potential show-stopping hardware and software issues that might interfere with playback, without the need to deploy an on-site technician.

The new Network Operations Manager (NOM) tool enhances the comprehensive content management capabilities of 3M Digital Signage Software – Network Edition by providing real-time visibility of a digital signage network’s entire computing infrastructure. Whilst Network Edition enables users to manage multimedia content, schedule playlists and verify correct playback, NOM equips users to remotely diagnose and repair issues on player PCs and other network devices without requiring on-site attendance.

“A failure anywhere within a digital signage network is highly visible and it is critical for digital signage operators to have a network analysis and maintenance solution that is comprehensive and enables a quick response,” says Simon Birkenhead , Sales and Marketing Manager, 3M Digital Signage Division. “Offering software with the capability to improve efficiency, minimise downtime and increase overall IT effectiveness is another way we’re building on our promise to deliver digital signage solutions that lead the industry in reliability and fully deliver against customer needs.”

Network Operations Manager complements Network Edition software by enabling users to identify and address infrastructure issues before they might affect playout. Player downtime is minimised with features such as automated email alerts that instantly warn of any hardware, software or network issue on any remote player that might affect playout. NOM offers remote control of any digital signage network player PC, including real-time video streaming to the user?s desktop of playback from any player to verify on-screen images.

Read the whole story here.

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