We are pleased to announce that Ipswitch, Inc. has received the IBM Impact 2012 Global WebSphere Community Customer Award. This award showcases customer solutions using IBM WebSphere products and technologies brought to life with the help of Business Partners. Ipswitch leverages IBM WebSphere Cast Iron software for the seamless integration between Salesforce.com cloud and enterprise systems.

Ipswitch, Inc., with the assistance of ForeFront, Inc. for technical architecture and integration support, leveraged IBM WebSphere Cast Iron software for rapid development across all integrations between Salesforce.com and back-office systems. IBM WebSphere Cast Iron software enables Ipswitch to streamline business processes, ensure data accuracy, and respond swiftly to market trends. Ipswitch seamlessly integrates its ERP systems to the Salesforce.com platform to gain enterprise-wide account visibility – from sales opportunity to order status, from customer service to case management. IBM WebSphere Cast Iron enabled the integration between various systems, on-premises or cloud-based – from e-Commerce, Order Management, Financials and Data Warehousing.

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Ipswitch File Transfer is going (more) global. We’re thrilled to announce the expansion of our already successful Ipswitch FT Partner Program.  It now boasts a number of new benefits for our global partners, including a new Elite Partner Level and a deal registration program.

The Elite Level expansion was created for those partners looking for even greater association and support from Ipswitch File Transfer.  A new deal registration program has also been introduced, which will incent resellers with additional discount points for registering qualified net new sales opportunities on the FT Partner Portal.

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The term “SNMP” gets thrown around a lot when you start talking about Network Management and everyone seems to know that it’s an integral part of the Monitoring process.

But really, how does Simple Network Management Protocol help you manage your Network?

Well, basically Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is the motherboard of your Network Monitoring solution. Nothing can happen without it.

Without SNMP information won’t be collected from or configured from any network devices such as servers, printers, hubs, switches and routers on your IP network. You’ll find you’re limited in how you communicate with your network – and as I’m sure your girlfriends/wives have told you time and time again – communication is the key to a working relationship.

By using SNMP, you can monitor network performance, audit network usage, detect network faults or inappropriate access, and in some cases configure remote devices. SNMP is designed to be deployed on the largest possible number of network devices, to have minimal impact on the managed nodes, to have minimal transport requirements, and to continue working when most other network applications fail.

So with this in mind, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that powerful SNMP capabilities are absolutely central to WhatsUp Gold Network Management Software.