The recent Facebook IPO was the biggest in history – after a week of being publicly traded, Facebook’s (FB) stock continues to generate a huge interest. (Although the stock closed strong on the first day it has fallen hard, losing more than 10% in the two days after opening). This has caught the interest of many who are keeping a close watch to see what happens.

As seen in the screen shot below, instead of constantly refreshing the NASDAQ page, you can customize a WhatsUp Gold dashboard to monitor the Facebook share price!

With WhatsUp Gold, you have access to customizable, high-performance monitors, so you can select the visibility and control you need for the service levels you require.

  • Active Monitors – Track and receive alerts in real time when devices and services are down
  • Passive Monitors – Listen for external signals (such as SNMP traps or log messages) to identify and alert on infrastructure issues as they happen
  • Performance Monitor – Track the health of network and application infrastructure over time to proactively troubleshoot and plan
  • Custom Monitors – Track individual performance metrics as required
  • Thresholds Monitors – Be alerted when minimum or maximum thresholds are breached
  • Active Script Performance Monitors – Jscript and VB Script support enable

Want the script? 

Visit the WhatsUp Gold Community to get the script needed to have your WhatsUp Gold solution monitoring the Facebook NASDAQ page.


This December, the Network Management Division is teaming up with Trees for Life for a special promotion. For every Facebook friend and Twitter follower, we’ll plant a tree in your name in conjunction with Trees for Life:

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Help us support this great cause, and stay connected to our product news and special promotions.

We’ll plant a tree for the total amount of friends and followers as of December 31st – help be part of this effort!

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I’m sharpening my marketing skills at this week’s Social Media Strategies Summit.  I’ll be bringing back some innovative and creative ideas to help in our quest of having more open, engaging, relevant and educational conversations with customers and prospects over social channels.

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Nomee, a startup social media aggregator, launched its beta version today. Its key function is to organize your social networking brand across the board therefore streamlining what can be the daunting process of updating each and every site you belong to in one fell swoop. And as fans of Network Monitoring tools, we here at WhatsUp Gold felt we’d be remiss if failed to mention Nomee.

The first thing that sets Nomee apart from other social media aggregators like FriendFeed or TweetDeck is its application. Nomee is powered by a free Adobe Air desktop app – which runs separate from your browser – that helps you manage your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube Plaxco, Digg (need I go on?) accounts into a single interface. In fact you can personalize this all-in-one dashboard to include up to 100 of your very favorite networks and RSS feeds!

This means you have but one place to go to check up on all of your online relationships, share info, follow newsmakers and publish your own news.

But this is where Nomee caught our attention (well, after we were drawn in by its images3dashboard’s sleek design): Nomee gives its members the tools to customize what part of your online brand you share with whom. As Mike Nimer, Nomee’s product developer explains on his blog, you can tailor your Nomee account to keep Facebook for friends, LinkedIn for coworkers, Twitter for a special interest, etc.

It also acts as your own PR specialist, alerting your contacts when you post updates or new content.

And there you have it. A free, PC and Mac friendly application to monitor your busy and ever-burgeoning social network!