Results from a recent survey, focusing on the network monitoring software licensing process, have finally been revealed.  In this recent survey, the Ipswitch Network Management Division set out to explore the scope, causes, and impact of IT buyer confusion due to complex software licensing and its effect on purchase behavior. The survey reflects input from a broad range of IT professionals managing networks of small, mid-sized and enterprise organizations throughout Europe and the U.S. 

 So, what exactly did the results indicate? Here are some key statistics:

  • More than 50% of network professionals report selecting an insufficient IT monitoring license level to monitor their infrastructure and applications assets
  • A whopping 67% of mid-sized businesses and 75% of enterprises  exceeded the limit of their selected license level at the end of their first year

Additionally, survey results reveal that estimating errors are more likely when selecting a network monitoring license based on “elements” instead of a direct count of, say, the number of “devices.”  In addition, what constitutes an “element” is a major cause for this confusion and budget overspending for comparable functionality and value. The surprise most often occurs at the first-year renewal, when organizations are locked-in to pay more.

What makes these “elements” confusing? “IT management professionals often don’t completely understand the element based licensing process,”explains Ennio Carboni, President of Ipswitch Network Management Division.  “This results in suboptimal value from licensed monitoring capacity. Customers either overcompensate to buy at higher priced tiers, or they buy less and compromise the level of monitoring they need.  WhatsUp Gold has always offered a clear, device-based licensing model that keeps things simple.”

With the intent of clearing up the market confusion on network monitoring licensing based on information collected from the survey, WhatsUp Gold will include a comparative element count in all of its price sheets and web listings with immediate effect.