Collecting and tracking asset and inventory information about all of the Windows devices on your network can be tedious. This info can include all of the software components installed, including serial numbers, all of the Windows updates installed and even warranty information for Dell and HP devices. WhatsConnected 3.0 can do that for you with new asset management capabilities that include Windows services and workstation inventories.

Join Jason Williams, the WhatsUp Guru, as he shares best practices for mapping and discovering servers and workstations in a live webinar this Wednesday, February 9th at 10 a.m. EST. Register today!

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If you’ve been researching the internet for a new laptop or desktop in the past year, you’ve likely run into Jeff Jarvis’ blog about his less than impressive experience with Dell Computers. The blog series caught so much attention that it eventually earned the serial name “Dell-Hell”. The blog series eventually became a topic at Dell Corporate and an upset Michael Dell found himself under fire for allowing Dell to become customer de-focused. Further, Dell conspiracy theorists believe the blog series began the eventual demise of co-CEO Kevin Rollins who resigned earlier this year.

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