Here’s an interesting perspective on The Myth of Computer Security.

The myth:  “With proper protection, your computer is immune to cyber attacks, viruses and other malware”.

The reality:  “(We live in a world of) unprepared software.  Microsoft and various security companies are doing their best against the bad guys, who are attacking faster and more creatively than the good guys can keep up”.

Unfortunately, I agree with the premise that computer attacks are becoming more organized, more advanced and more destructive.  This is forcing vendors to come up with more complex solutions.  As a result, we’re now seeing some extremely complex solutions do more damage themselves than good.  The sad truth is that there is no perfect security solution out there and that they are all open to self-inflicted damage.

I think that commenter Red_Flag sums it up best by borrowing a line from author Max Brooks:  “With computer security, as with zombie survival, ‘No place is safe, only safer’”.