As President of the Ipswitch Network Management Division, I am thrilled to announce a new addition to the WhatsUp Gold family: iOpus Software, a leading provider of Web application performance testing and monitoring solutions from the cloud. With this acquisition, Ipswitch’s market leading and affordable IT Management solutions will now extend to every layer of web infrastructure from the cloud to the end-user.

Who is iOpus Software?

iOpus Software was founded by Mathias Roth. Annoyed by the growing number of electronic forms he was forced to engage with, he took on the challenge of problem solving and iOpus was born. iOpus’ iMacros and AlertFox End-User Monitoring – Global Edition provides users with the most advanced technology for Web application performance monitoring, including the ability to test, monitor and verify Rich Internet Applications (RIA), and streaming media from an end-user’s perspective. These monitoring capabilities enable organizations of all sizes to ensure business continuity and resolve Web service problems before end-users are impacted.

Why add iOpus to our product family?

The progression towards more web centric business models across all verticals is moving at a fast pace – businesses from furniture sales to medical equipment are all web dependent and  need the ability to monitor the network and the actual websites, from a 360 degree perspective. This space is often referred to as the End-user monitoring space or Real-time end-user monitoring space. It’s a sub market of the fast growing APM marketplace and on its own is one of the fastest growing markets in our IT management space. I expect the web application performance market to grow aggressively for the foreseeable future so it made great business sense for us to evaluate and enter this market.

What does this mean for our customers?

Over the past few years, we have heard very loud, persistent calls from our customers asking if WhatsUp Gold could be extended to solve application performance monitoring. Our philosophy on entering markets is simple: find the experts that can provide a launch pad into the market with legitimacy and a “WOW” factor and we found that with iOpus. We believe the combination of WhatsUp Gold and iOpus solutions will simplify daily life and workload for network administrators, web administrators, and any discipline within IT departments that are responsible for web performance and analytics.

Bottom line is this: we want our customers to count on Ipswitch Network Management Division for all of their network and IT Management needs. The acquisition of iOpus Software enables us to deliver a complete, end-to-end package of cost-effective monitoring and management tools to our growing customer base.

To learn more about this exciting news, watch my video announcement, “Exciting Addition to the WhatsUp Gold Family.”


Word of today’s public announcement that Ipswitch has acquired MessageWay Solutions is already starting to spread, and fast.  Whether you’re an Ipswitch customer or employee, industry expert, or just learning about the Managed File Transfer space one thing is clear – The MFT industry is evolving and growing worldwide, both in strategic importance and pure volume.

We’ve seen greater emphasis on managing and controlling file processing behind the firewall…. And witnessed customers and prospects describing their need for an MFT solution that includes some B2B and EDI attributes.

Ipswitch’s acquisition of MessageWay creates the industry’s most powerful and complete suite of Managed File Transfer solutions with robust, highly scalable advanced file services that continues where MFT has traditionally left off – at the edge of the network.


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