In wrapping up 2010, Time’s Techland issued a list of their Top 25 Tech Fails of the Year. We thought it was an interesting read and we picked a few of our favorites.

First off, and even more relevant with the recent announcement of the iPhone coming to Verizon in February, Consumer Reports names AT&T the worst cell phone carrier of 2010 and the only one to drop significantly in customer satisfaction as of late. (Thankfully I’m due for an upgrade on my Verizon smartphone soon.)

And how can we forget the BP Oil Rig Machinery disaster? It marked the largest accidental oil spill in history and was only subdued nearly 3 months after it had started, but not before leaking over 200 million gallons of oil into the ocean. Almost as embarrassing as the accident itself – the fruitless attempts to plug the oil well and CEO Tony Hayward’s halfhearted and often parodied apology.

Two particularly other noteworthy events of 2010 belong to Google. Google Wave and Google Buzz were ill-fated product releases with inherent issues that prevented viral success. Google Wave was meant to revolutionize online messaging by integrating Email and IM along with some other features, but it failed to find an audience. Invitation-only, it didn’t really offer anything that people couldn’t already do with their existing IM and Email clients and thus wasn’t worth telling your friends. The site remains active, but it’s up to users to access the now open-sourced code of future maintenance.

Google Buzz certainly created some Buzz, but not the kind Google was looking for. It turns out users don’t like exposing their Email address along with that of all of their contacts’ by default. The URL to one’s Buzz profile contained their Gmail username … oops. As a result, an $8.5 million class action suit was filed against them.

There were a few other noteworth fails in 2010 but you can read about them in the article. Let us know what your favorite is.