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Sneak Peek at WhatsUp Gold Network Monitoring v14: New Printer, UPS, and FTP Monitors

| March 30, 2009 | Network Monitoring

Here in our research and development office in Atlanta, we’re hard at work putting the finishing touches on WhatsUp Gold v14 network monitoring software. The excitement here is palpable–we’re delivering some huge enhancements, and we can’t wait to get them into the hands of our customers.

Last week, I gave you a preview of the new Critical Active Monitors feature, which solves a longstanding headache of receiving too many alerts when a device goes completely offline. Today, let’s look at the solution to another pain point that we hear about often.

We’re fond of saying that there’s not much you can’t manage with WhatsUp Gold. Between the SNMP monitor, the WMI monitor, and the Active Script features (that let you write custom VBscript and Jscript code to monitor just about anything), you can keep tabs on just about anything if you know where to look for the data. But knowing where to look is sometimes difficult, requiring you to do a lot of research. What MIB should you be using? What counter, what OID, should you be polling?

Let’s be honest: who wants to do that sort of research to keep tabs on something simple, like the amount of toner left in a laser printer?

Now, in WhatsUp Gold v14, we’ve done the research for you for a lot of commonly monitored devices, and we’ve packaged them into simple, easy-to-use monitors. Here’s a preview of just three of them.

Printer Monitor

The Printer Monitor lets you easily track the health of your printers, helping you correct error conditions like paper jams and predict maintenance issues like needing a new toner cartridge.


APC UPS Monitor

The APC UPS Monitor watches your APC UPS device and alerts you when selected thresholds are met or exceeded, output states are reached, and/or abnormal conditions are met. For example, an alert can be sent when the UPS battery capacity is below 20% or when the battery temperature is high.


FTP Monitor

The new FTP Monitor does a lot more than check for a connection on standard file transfer ports. It logs into an FTP server and verifies that you can upload, download, and delete files–all without disturbing the contents of your FTP server.


WhatsUp Gold v14 includes several other new monitors, which I’ll showcase in future posts. In the meantime, if you want to be among the first to see the latest and greatest, sign up for the WhatsUp Gold v14 Technical Preview Program!

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