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No Toying Around With Network Management

| August 21, 2013 | Application Monitoring, Network Mapping, Network Monitoring

Todays tale from the front lines of network management comes to us from the UK. When a new network manager joined a British toy retailer with a huge store in London and nearly a dozen more spread throughout the UK, he immediately came face-to-face with complaints that business users were being dropped off the network intermittently.

aliens-action-figures-toys-necaHe frustratingly tried to chase down the intermittent drop-offs that would later seemingly resolve themselves. He found the firm had purchased Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold network management and monitoring software some time before he came on board but it hadn’t yet been put into production.

Although he was new to the product, he and his team were able to set it up quickly. WhatsUp Gold attacked the intermittent performance problems, performing a trend analysis linking performance metrics to the dates and time when a user got dropped from the network. This helped uncover the root cause and prevent future occurrences.

The IT team leveraged a single dashboard view to see the status of every device and real-time alerts to catch problems early. Combined with reports to correlate network performance with network problems, the mostly generalist IT staff can optimize network performance without specialized trouble-shooting skills.

IT service levels boosteduntitled

WhatsUp Gold continues to make his team proactive in addressing and solving problems quickly. He reckons that his team’s quality of service has risen to the same or higher level than larger, more specialized teams he has managed. “WhatsUp Gold deserves credit,” he says. “It does everything it says it does on the box.”

If you want to play with network management software from Ipswitch, download WhatsUp Gold free for 30 days.

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