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More Automation and Out-of-the-Box Functionality with WhatsUp Log Management v10.1

| November 21, 2011 | Network Monitoring

Although WhatsUp Log Management Suite v10 makes log management for security and compliance as painless as possible – we’ve now made it even easier to save time! With the version 10.1 update, there are many new ways to enhance efficiency:

  • In addition to preexisting reports for HIPAA, SOX, etc, there are now new out-of-the-box, point-and-click reporting for FERPA, NERC CIP, and NISPOM
  •  Save time adding Syslog-generating devices to your log monitoring and archiving solutions:
  • More ways to be alerted of a potential breach with new alarms for Cisco IOS events

Learn more about WhatsUp Log Management v10.1 and all it has to offer.

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