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What you need in an MFT system to make your business processes more reliable and secure

| September 10, 2013 | File Transfer Products, Managed File Transfer

Why the “M” in “Managed File Transfer”? Part 2

In part 1 of this post, I shared—based on our experience developing and supporting managed file transfer systems with thousands—what impact a business can expect from their Managed File Transfer (MFT) system. It comes down to making business processes driven by file movement (and which ones aren’t?) more secure and reliable with increased visibility and control.

To accomplish this, the MFT system needs to provide:

Security, and lots of it—There are two key components to security.  First, there’s the security of the MFT system itself and the content in it. Be sure your MFT vendor protects you from the latest list of vulnerabilities.  Make sure they do things like PEN testing, static and dynamic code analysis.  Second, you need security features that manage access and integrate easily with your business’s security systems.

Reliability—It is your business that runs on file movement.  So, make sure the system will transfer information reliably and alert you to any issues.  Reputation here is critical.

Automated movement of files—After all, this is a business process. Once a file enters the MFT system, it needs to move to the right place.  Perhaps to its permanent record location or to the next place work needs to get done.  Simple, reliable automation is required to keep your business moving and improve productivity.

Visibility and control of file movement—With all the movement of files, you need a system which gives you visibility into where each file went, confirmation it arrived on time, as well as control of those destinations and movement.

Compliance—Yes, we all answer to someone.  When you have to meet your compliance requirements for reporting or discovery, an MFT system can help take the pain out of it.

Integrates people and their roles—A big part of any process has to include people communicating, not just systems. Your MFT system should make it easy for people to get and send their files.  For your employees to adopt it, this has to be through familiar, easy-to-use tools such as web interfaces and email.  After all, 90% of all information shared between people takes place via email.

Work seamlessly across mobile and desktops—As you extend your processes to mobile devices, look for a solution that can include mobile in file-based business processes. Files can be accessed, or entered, from a mobile device – even sent to other people – while still being connected to your business process.  This goes way beyond the collaboration-focused choices in the market – this is Mobile MFT.

So, why are the “enlightened” buying into an MFT System these days?  They recognize:

  • Organizations move lots of files between business, systems, and people
  • Files move as part of a business process, even to mobile employees or partners
  • A system must move files securely and keep them associated with the right business process
  • -There are cost effective, easy choices for Managed File Transfer available today
  • IT gains quick, positive impact with improved speed and reliability of mission-critical business processes

IT gains visibility and control, as well as reduced exposure from existing less reliable, insecure, and disparate system approach many use today.

And what’s exciting for me personally, is that with today’s MOVEit 8.0 launch we have taken a significant step forward in supporting our customers who have taken this vision and operationalized it. Like any industry, the requirements for our customers continually evolve, and we have advanced many features that help our customers remain in control of their file based business process – most notably the launch of mobile Managed File Transfer so that the people aspects of manage file transfer now include mobile workers.  There are several resources you can explore further to learn more about the product launch and other topics covered above:

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How IT Pros Can Save 30 Minutes a Day

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