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Ipswitch Steps Up To Replace Legacy Technology After Sterling Acquired by IBM

| May 25, 2010 | Cloud Computing, File Transfer Products, Industry News, Managed File Transfer

The growth and evolution of the managed file transfer industry continues to be a blessing for Ipswitch and our partners.

The acquisition of Sterling Commerce by IBM (article) presents an opportunity for both companies’ customers and prospects to reexamine their challenges around advanced file services. Proprietary technologies and protocols such as Connect: Direct and Network Data Mover (NDM) are inefficient, expensive and difficult to manage. Yet many companies continue to pay excessive licensing and maintenance fees because the cost and effort to replace these technologies have, until now, seemed as expensive.  Furthermore, some partners and ecosystems insist on the usage of legacy file transfer technology because alternatives did not seem to be available.

The IBM acquisition will force every technology leader with an investment in Sterling technologies and services to understand the risk of relying on the current Sterling portfolio including:

•    Connect:Direct
•    Connect:Enterprise
•    Connect:Mailbox
•    Sterling Integrator
•    Business Integration Suite ( aka Gentran Integration Suite)
•    Gentran ( iSeries, OS390, UNIX, .Net)

At Ipswitch, we continue to monitor not only managed file transfer but adjacent industries as well, augmenting and adjusting our roadmaps and strategies as needed.  One recent augmentation and investment has been to establish a close partnership with a technology provider that will enable current and future Ipswitch customers to extend or migrate their legacy file transfer and EDI environments.

Companies seeking alternatives to Connect:Direct or/and Connect:Enterprise environments (whether supporting internal or external processes) can now turn to Ipswitch.  We now provide technology and services to identify, classify, document and extend legacy functionality with transformation, integration with 3rd party applications, monitoring, reporting, auditing and automation.

Companies seeking alternatives to Gentran and Business Integration Suite deployments (whether supporting internal or external processes) can also now turn to Ipswitch.  We now provide technology and services to identify, classify, document and migrate existing EDI and XML maps. While we understand that remapping can be a significant project, Ipswitch has the ability to reuse and retain established workflows to control cost and provide a phased migration.  Our available services can accommodate any project at a cost that is competitive yet consistent with Ipswitch’s reputation for high quality.

All companies that pursue Ipswitch’s technology and services to extend or migrate their legacy investments will enjoy lower licensing and maintenance costs, increased efficiency and better transparency and governance.   Additional savings will often be realized through fewer MIPS with offloaded encryption/translation and simplified partner provisioning.  All of these benefits are backed by an acknowledged leader in the managed file industry with 20 years of experience and financial stability.

Ipswitch invites you to contact us immediately to get more information about the technology and services we’ve recently added to our portfolio, especially in interoperable middleware, transformation,  OS agnostic file transfer and B2B capabilities.

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