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Great News! WhatsUp Event Archiver was awarded the U.S. Army’s Certificate of Networthiness (CoN)

| July 30, 2010 | Ipswitch News, Log Management

As of July, WhatsUp Event Archiver, an important tool for audit requirements and regulatory compliance, has been certified for compliance with all U.S. Army and Department of Defense (DoD) standards of security, compatibility, and sustainability.

The Certificate of Networthiness (CoN Cert #: 201004611) allows WhatsUp Event Archiver to serve as an enterprise software product that can be deployed in the Army Enterprise Infrastructure Network utilized by the U.S. Army, all National Guard, Army Reserve and DoD organizations. Event Archiver enables the Army to streamline the process of clearing, collecting, consolidating, and storing log data for auditing and compliance purposes, while at the same time exceeding the strict security, sustainability, and interoperability requirements that are in place.

Event Archiver automates log collection, clearing, and consolidation as part of the WhatsUp Event Log Management Suite. The Suite also includes WhatsUp Event Analyst, for event examination, log trends analysis, and reporting; WhatsUp Event Alarm, for monitoring, alerting, and real-time notification of key events; and WhatsUp Event Rover, for on-the-fly forensics and log data mining.

To learn more about WhatsUp Event Archiver and the rest of the Event Log Management Suite, click here.

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