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Foreign Spybots, Electronic Espionage, and Tom Selleck

| July 30, 2010 | Data Breach, Secure File Transfer

Have you ever seen “Runaway”? It’s a 1984 flick staring Tom Selleck as a police officer who specializes in malfunctioning robots. There’s a famous scene where he’s being chased and attacked by these electronic spidery spybots.

This scene is actually playing out right under your nose. Think of your data as Tom Selleck and the spidery spybots as … well, spybots.

The quiet threat: Cyber spies are already in your systems.”

Bob Violino poses the question in a recent article on InfoWorld.com: “Is your company’s data under surveillance by foreign spybots looking for any competitive advantages or weaknesses they can exploit?

Violino states that “this might sound far-fetched, but such electronic espionage is real. It’s an insidious security threat that’s a lot more common than you probably realize,” he goes on to say that “a growing number of companies are being spied upon electronically by sources from other countries, most notably China. What makes these attacks so troublesome is that their techniques are often undetectable by the usual security tools. Electronic spies try to get into systems without causing disruptions, so they can quietly gather information over a period of time.”

Sounds like an article you should check out, and sounds like a job for Sgt. Jack R. Ramsay.

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