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Flow Monitor v15: Benefits

| January 1, 2011 | Infrastructure Monitoring Products

How Flow Monitor Helps Ensure Network Performance

As a network manager, how much time do you spend discovering and mapping your network, monitoring applications in both physical and virtualized infrastructure? Did you know that most of the network slowdowns can be identified and resolved by simply monitoring and analyzing your network traffic and bandwidth utilization?

With Flow Monitor you can:

Understand how your network is being used and by whom

  • Determine exactly which users, applications or hosts are consuming network bandwidth
  • Display top talkers (by IP address), so you can determine exactly which hosts (authorized or unauthorized) are consuming critical bandwidth. For example, YouTube video streaming by multiple users may cause network congestion and slow down other critical business applications
  • Verify network QoS policies required to support applications like VoIP using TOS reports
  • Group flow sources and specific interfaces to focus directly on business critical systems and data flows.

Properly measure bandwidth usage

  • Automatically discover and configure flow sources.
  • Verify burstable billing accounting from bandwidth service providers with 95th percentile reporting
  • Track and resolve network traffic or congestion problems using automatic classification of traffic by type and protocol in real-time
  • Plan for spikes in usage to avoid dropped packages or delays
  • Ensure critical business applications get the bandwidth they need

Protect and secure your network

  • Track the number of failed interface connections, which can indicate external attacks on your network and other rogue activity directed at your network
  • Detect the use of unauthorized applications, enabling you to ensure your network’s security compliance and legal liability
  • Track traffic anomalies to quickly detect the introduction of viruses and worms into the corporate network

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