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“Dell-Hell” is “Heavenly”

| March 13, 2007 | Network Monitoring

If you’ve been researching the internet for a new laptop or desktop in the past year, you’ve likely run into Jeff Jarvis’ blog about his less than impressive experience with Dell Computers. The blog series caught so much attention that it eventually earned the serial name “Dell-Hell”. The blog series eventually became a topic at Dell Corporate and an upset Michael Dell found himself under fire for allowing Dell to become customer de-focused. Further, Dell conspiracy theorists believe the blog series began the eventual demise of co-CEO Kevin Rollins who resigned earlier this year.

When my wife and I decided to purchase a new desktop a few weeks ago, we evaluated Compaq / HP, Gateway and Dell brands and prices. Our current desktop was a 6 year-old Dell desktop running Windows 98 and a zero defect history so my wife was very partial to buying another Dell.

Our company founder and President, Roger Greene preaches about creating a frictionless customer experience for every Ipswitch customer. Like most of my colleagues, I listen and try to implement the philosophy into product and process development but have not had allot of examples to refer too but that all changed a week ago when I began the process of ordering a new desktop from Dell.

From the moment, I began building my system online and communicating with sales person Eva through the Dell chat window, my experience was nothing but frictionless. The positive experience continued into the night when a sales person named Danny mailed me with concerns over my experience building my desktop. After all, 5 hours had passed and I had not yet ordered my new Dell E520 box running the new dual core Intel chip, Vista support and a new 20-inch flat panel screen. In 10 minutes, we talked through my configuration and added a firewire switch and a new video card.

Today, our new desktop arrived via Fedex, just 4 days after ordering it and later this afternoon, my wife received a call from Dell to check on the delivery process and overall satisfaction. It’s too early to talk about quality since everything is packed and will be for a few days. What I can tell you is that Dell has fixed whatever problems they had prior with customer service. I was so impressed with sales and customer service at Dell that I am now proud to call myself a Dell loyalist. Dell-Hell is Heavenly.

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