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Google Chrome? No Thanks.

| June 5, 2009 | Network Monitoring

nochrome-copy2Google debuted its Chrome browser for Mac and Linux last night. But you can rest assured this Mac user will not be downloading the beta software for use – and the reason why has nothing to do with the Search God’s new application being in its beta form.

I’ll admit it: I’ve guzzled that Google kool-aid time and time again. I clawed my way into being one of the first to have a Gmail account when Google released its email server in 2004; I sacrificed a goat for the Google gods when they acquired YouTube; and they don’t have to worry about this search engine aficionado jumping the Google train for the Bing boat: I tried it. I’m over it.

So why, you ask, am I not simply ecstatic about the long debated and much anticipated release of a Mac compatible Chrome browser? Well. I’ll tell you.

I’ll be honest; I swing both ways.

I have both a MacBook and a Dell Latitude at home. I won’t go into which I prefer, because that, my friends, is a blog post for another day. However, I will say September 2 did not come and go without my Dell getting equipped with Google’s Chrome browser.

And man did I LOVE it. Gmail didn’t take two to three minutes to load and I loved its “Most Visited” dashboard and it’s intuitive “Favorites” feature. I thought the interface was clean and bright and refreshing to look at after Internet Explorer’s formal front.

I forgave Chrome’s glitches in the beginning. I didn’t mind my laptop falling asleep while Chrome ran. I didn’t let it get to me that I couldn’t scroll up while using a Synaptics TouchPad on Windows XP. I mean, come on. It’d get fixed eventually.

And eventually it did. But then I noticed Chrome fell short when running other Google applications like gmail and YouTube. I mean, imagine if WhatsUpGold wouldn’t run Netflow? Insane.

Up until a week or so ago I couldn’t create an event in an email and have that synch to my Google calendar. I’m sorry, WHAT?!

But what made me throw Chrome out of my life was the continued issues I’ve had running YouTube. Chrome didn’t always allow me to sign into my YouTube account. Considering the amount of video I produce . . . this is kinda an issue.

I’d type in my username and carefully and slowly enter my password to avoid error; I’d then identify the word in the word catcher box and hit enter.

And I’d be led to another word catcher box. No “invalid password” prompt, just a loop of word catcher boxers.

It was like a bad dream. You know, those dreams that wake you up in a cold sweat because everything in the world is getting in the way of you completing this one task, this one task on which your entire existence depends?

Anyway. I Xed out of Chrome for the last time that day and reintroduced myself to IE. I uploaded the video, took a deep breath, and threw removed Chrome forever.

So until Google fixes all of its glitches Chrome has running other Google applications I am staying far far away from its “Download Now” button. That is for sure.

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