Word of today’s public announcement that Ipswitch has acquired MessageWay Solutions is already starting to spread, and fast.  Whether you’re an Ipswitch customer or employee, industry expert, or just learning about the Managed File Transfer space one thing is clear – The MFT industry is evolving and growing worldwide, both in strategic importance and pure volume.

We’ve seen greater emphasis on managing and controlling file processing behind the firewall…. And witnessed customers and prospects describing their need for an MFT solution that includes some B2B and EDI attributes.

Ipswitch’s acquisition of MessageWay creates the industry’s most powerful and complete suite of Managed File Transfer solutions with robust, highly scalable advanced file services that continues where MFT has traditionally left off – at the edge of the network.


Please do take a minute to hear Gary Shottes, President of Ipswitch File Transfer, share his enthusiasm and joy surrounding the joining of two great companies, as well as some perspective on how the combined companies offer a stronger portfolio of products and services to the evolving MFT market.

Ipswitch addresses the widest range of file transfer requirements in the industry – including high-volume transmissions, tight delivery windows and constantly changing governance and compliance mandates.  With the acquisition, we now offer greater visibility, management and enforcement over even the most confidential and important information.  Our portfolio of MFT solutions and services provides the integration of advanced analytics, multiplatform support, enterprise-wide monitoring, interoperability, and high-performance data translation and transformation, and EDI, ACH and SWIFT enablement – all in a very middleware agnostic way.

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