We’ve returned, unpacked, and rested up after being out at CiscoLive in San Diego a few weeks ago.  It was a busy week but we loved every minute of it!

CiscoLive is still one of our favorite conferences and we’ve been part of the shows in North America, London, and Australia for several years. In fact, this year was our 5th year at the North America show and we’re already looking forward to seeing everyone in Orlando for the 2013 show!

One of the reasons why we love CiscoLive so much is the rare opportunity to meet and talk with our customers face to face.  We always learn a lot – about your challenges, triumphs, changing trends – and we hope that you are able to learn from us too.  We know that our customers are located around the world and it would be nearly impossible to meet all of you (but wouldn’t that be fantastic!)  It’s still important to us to participate in shows like CiscoLive so we can meet up with many of you. Its why we give away a full conference pass and travel voucher to 1 lucky customer – we’d love to see more of you out there.  (Stay tuned for some fun videos of our customers out at the show, including our own Network Admin!)

Were you at CiscoLive this year? What was your favorite session? Did you love the Weezer concert as much as us? We’d love to hear from you! Check out some of our pictures on Facebook.

The WhatsUp Gold Team at CiscoLive 2012

Your organization depends on Web apps to get business done, from SaaS apps like Salesforce to customer facing e-commerce, banking, or travel applications. With AlertFox End-User Monitor you can ensure top notch Web application performance and deliver better Web user experiences.  Here are 6 tips for successful web transaction management:

#1 Identify transactions to test and monitor
You’ll be able to improve efficiency for your IT department and resolve problems before your end-users.

#2 Determine monitoring frequency
Uncover hidden (and common) problems such as slow Web response times, failed transactions, and different user experiences in various locations and browsers.

#3 Baseline response time
Easily gather and interpret monitoring data to stay on top of your site’s status.

#4 Interpret waterfall charts
See how quickly (or slowly) a site responds to a browser’s requests and how fast the corresponding content is transferred.

#5 Define notification policies
Receive instant notifications when your transactions fail or reach thresholds via email and/or SMS.

#6 IT Budget tight or exhausted? Relax!
Choose an affordable monthly or annual subscription for the AlertFox cloud-based service. With no server or software investments, you can quickly start monitoring your web applications in minutes without worrying about crushing your budget.

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Ipswitch’s WhatsUp Gold Training provides 33 practical, hands-on lab exercises in a cloud-hosted network environment, along with a comprehensive training manual, and is delivered live by the same experts that created WhatsUp Gold.

Receive training in any of three ways: Online (live webcast) Classes, Open (Regional) Classes, or Onsite Classes at your facility. You will receive live instruction, a comprehensive training manual, and your own cloud-hosted network for lab exercises.

July Classes:
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For details, additional class information, or to register for classes, simply:

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In his white paper, “Business-Class File Sharing Best Practices”, Michael Osterman of Osterman Research assesses the current state of
personal file sharing within business, with recommendations about how information technology, risk management and compliance teams can best address the common issues and risks.

Below is an excerpt from the paper, where Michael summarizes some of the key issues with the status quo with personal file sharing within business.  We also invite you to access the full white paper including Michael’s case for why IT needs to provide and manage file sharing solutions.

Excerpted from “Business-Class File Sharing Best Practices”

The Status Quo Doesn’t Work

  • Users are stymied because company email systems often do not permit file attachments of more than 10 to 20 megabytes to be sent, and it is not efficient at sending more than a few files at a time. Moreover, email doesn’t typically include a return receipt so the sender can know if the recipient ever received the email. Also, when email is used for file transfer, it imposes increased storage and bandwidth costs, slow message delivery, long backups, long restores, high IT management costs.
  • Many users will turn to their personal Webmail account because of their ability to send very large files through these systems. However, when users do so there is no IT visibility into the sent or received content, no tracking, no auditability, and no archiving. Moreover, corporate content can reside in personal Webmail repositories for many years, long after an employee may have left the company. While this makes life easier for users, it increases the risk to the organization.
  • USB sticks, tablets and smartphones create the same problems: lack of security, higher costs, their likelihood of being lost or stolen, and the potential for content on them to be accessed by unauthorized parties.
  • Dropbox-like file sharing tools and cloud services can be effective, but they do not permit IT management or governance of content. And, they often are individual accounts and not under the sanction of IT which means that IT doesn’t have the visibility or insight into what is being transferred, nor does IT maintain any type of audit trail for this content.
  • SharePoint and similar tools are useful for sharing information if both senders and recipients are using it. However, SharePoint require the deployment of a dedicated infrastructure and training for end users, and it is not always easily accessible by remote workers or people external to an organization.
  • Basic FTP client-server systems, while useful, require both the sender and recipient to have access to the FTP server to share information, which can be an ongoing provisioning burden for IT.
  • Physical delivery of information – such as CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs that are burned and sent through overnight services – is expensive and the speed of delivery is slow

Again, at this link you can access the full white paper including Michael’s case for why IT needs to provide and manage file sharing solutions.

Are you in the State and Local Government or Education sectors? If so, you should maximize your year-end funds and get the affordable and award winning network monitoring solution you have been after. Starting at $1,595, WhatsUp Gold has been helping public sector customers make IT management simple for 20 years.

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Did you know that today, June 18th, is National Splurge Day? Today is the perfect day to spoil yourself and treat yourself excessively to anything you want! So ditch your packed lunch today and treat yourself to a yummy lunch!

We talked to the WhatsUp Gold Guru and he’s saving his splurge for the iPhone 5 (and he’s going out for a big steak dinner tonight!) Rumor has it that the iPhone 5 will be thinner than its predecessors and have more sophisticated camera functionalities so the Guru is definitely looking forward to upgrading his iPhone once it’s released!

What are you going to splurge on today? Make sure to treat yourself – you deserve it!

With today marked as World IPv6 Day, thousands of internet service providers and websites will become IPv6 enabled. Migrating to IPv6 is important for many reasons and many are wondering how organizations should move from IPv4 to IPv6 without disrupting their operations?

Very few organizations are in the position to make a wholesale change from IPv4 to IPv6 overnight. We have substantial network infrastructures designed for routing IPv4 traffic, applications that make assumptions about the underlying Internet protocol, and policies and procedures for managing IPv4 addresses within the organization. Trying to make a “big bang” adoption, as is sometimes done with enterprise software, is not recommended.
Here are 3 strategies for migrating to IPv6 in a phased approach:

  • Duel stack – running both IPv4 and IPv6 stacks
  • Translation – mapping IPv4 addresses to a special subset of IPv6 addresses known as IPv4-translated addresses
  • Protocol tunneling – using IPv4 infrastructure to transmit IPv6 packets by embedding IPv6 data in IPv4 packets

Click here to read more about these approaches in detail.

Heading out to the CiscoLive Show, June 11th – 14th in San Diego? We’ll be there! Come check us out at Booth #1618 and see what’s new with the WhatsUp Gold family of products:

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  • Got questions? Register for a “Meet the NMD Experts” session with one of our gurus. Take advantage of free time in your schedule and use this opportunity to meet with one of our experts and discuss questions, challenges, our product roadmap, or anything else on your mind. Email us to sign up for a session today or just stop by the booth!

Can’t wait to see you there!