Goodbye spreadsheets, hello WhatsUp IP Address Manager!  With WhatsUp IP Address Manager you can stop using spreadsheets by automating the discovery and ongoing management of your IP space.  This easy to use, cost effective, enterprise-ready IPAM solution enables you to manage, optimize and protect your entire IP space.

  1. Want to jumpstart your evaluation?  Here are ten cool things you can do with WhatsUp IP Address Manager
  2. Inventory your entire address space –error-free – with automated scanning
  3. Prevent duplicate IP addresses from turning into IP conflicts
  4. Make historical IP address to device associations effortlessly
  5. Get up-to-date visibility into IP address utilization
  6. Easily locate an IP address utilizing any of its attributes
  7. Categorize and report on devices by type automatically
  8. Discover subnet allocations and identify dynamic and static IP address assignments as they currently exist
  9. Gain visibility into Microsoft DHCP and Cisco IOS DHCP servers from a single tool
  10. Determine root cause of IP space problems utilizing an integrated toolset
  11. Identify forgotten DHCP servers

Take back control of your entire IP space with an easy to use, cost effective, enterprise-ready IPAM solution!


Today is the last day of Movember – and the WhatsUp Gold ninja has a full beard! While he can’t wait to shave tomorrow, he is also excited to participate in this worldwide event again next November. To read more about Movember, click here.


You’re going to be hearing more and more about “VISIBILITY” from Ipswitch, so I’d like to quickly start this blog post with our definition of visibility in the context of files and data flowing into, within and out of your company:

Visibility:  “Unobstructed vision into all data interactions, including files, events, people, policies and processes”

Fast, easy access to critical file and data transfer information is a must-have – it’s critical to the success of your business.  Whether it’s tracking and reporting on SLAs, analyzing file transfer metrics to identify bottlenecks and improve efficiency, or providing customers and partners with easy self-service access to the file transfer information they require – as well as countless other business objectives – unobstructed visibility is imperative.

Having one consolidated view into all of the systems and processes involved in your organizations file and data transfers will deliver tremendous business value and a competitive edge.  Please do take a couple of minutes to watch Ipswitch’s Frank Kenney share his perspective on why visibility is important.


The WhatsUp Gold team is excited to announce the release of our new free tool: IP Address Tracker!

With the ability to automate the discovery of IP spaces, the IP Address Tracker (IPAT) tool saves time and eliminates human-errors associated with updating home-grown databases or spread sheets. Invaluable with IP address management, key features include:

  • Discover your IP space quickly, centrally and without human errors
  • Identify free and in-use IP addresses
  • Know your IP address utilization
  • Locate duplicate IP addresses
  • Categorize discovered devices automatically
  • Find an IP addresses using its hostname, status or MAC address

To learn more about IPAT, or to download, click here.

When it comes to holiday shopping, consumers don’t hesitate to take advantage of online sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Last year, PCWorld reported on the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with its release of “Black Friday-Cyber Monday Debrief:2010 Beat 2009”, noting that 2010 beat 2009 with an estimated $1 billion spent Monday online.  PCWorld also reports that online shopping grew by 44 percent on Black Friday in 2010 and many wonder what is in store for 2011 in terms of growth.  With more and more people taking advantage of Cyber Monday, many bandwidth and security concerns face businesses with employees frantically searching the web for deals.  Of course, our go-to tip is to “Monitor the networks” with the WhatsUp Gold plug-in, Flow Monitor, that allows you to track and resolve bandwidth issues and network traffic or congestion problems. 

Learn more about the Flow Monitor and ensure critical business applications will receive the necessary bandwidth to perform.

Try it free for 30 days!

Happy Thanksgiving from the WhatsUp Gold Team! Enjoy your turkey dinner and make sure to take advantage of online bargains on Cyber Monday and Black Friday!  PCWorld offers some tips for on how to stay safe when shopping online during the holidays:

  1. Double check the URL
  2. Use secure HTTP
  3. Use credit cards
  4. Answer the security questions
  5. Be smart about security questions
  6. Know your payment app
  7. Be wary of SMS
  8. Keep an eye on activity in your accounts
  9. Call for help

Shop safely online and enjoy the holidays!

After 21 days of no shaving for Movember, the WhatsUp Gold ninja officially has a full beard! As stated in an earlier post, the WhatsUp Gold ninja is participating in Movember this year – during the month of November men from around the world grow out their facial hair to raise awareness and funds for men’s health.

To learn more about Movember, click here.

WhatsUp Gold Ninja – Day 21

Although WhatsUp Log Management Suite v10 makes log management for security and compliance as painless as possible – we’ve now made it even easier to save time! With the version 10.1 update, there are many new ways to enhance efficiency:

  • In addition to preexisting reports for HIPAA, SOX, etc, there are now new out-of-the-box, point-and-click reporting for FERPA, NERC CIP, and NISPOM
  •  Save time adding Syslog-generating devices to your log monitoring and archiving solutions:
  • More ways to be alerted of a potential breach with new alarms for Cisco IOS events

Learn more about WhatsUp Log Management v10.1 and all it has to offer.

Try it FREE for 30-days!

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The WhatsUp Gold team is excited to announce our newest free tool: Visual TraceRoute!

The Visual TraceRoute (VTR) tool identifies and isolates network connectivity problems through displaying a packet’s traceroute across a network and providing detailed response time information from start to finish, saving IT administrators time. Key features include:

  • Visualize trace data in real-time using the Topology map
  • Perform traces with ICMP, UDP, and TCP protocols
  • Isolate segment failures and bandwidth bottlenecks
  • Identify response times, domain names hop-by-hop
  • Conduct multiple traces simultaneously
  • Execute Continuous, Timed or one-time traces

To learn more about VTR, or to download, click here!

“Compliance & Security for IT Professionals”

  • Date: Tuesday, November 15th
  • Time: 10:00am US EST

Join the WhatsUp Gold team for this exciting webinar to learn what you need to know to keep your compliance and security counterparts off your back! We’ll cover:

  • How to detect and prevent unauthorized access to key enterprise information such as customer credit card data, employee, patient or financial records
  • Compliance regulations like PCI, SOX, FISMA and which ones apply to your business
  • Strategies for making compliance a part of your existing network management practices
  • Key compliance-centric reports you need to generate
  • How to leverage your WhatsUp Gold investment to help you with your security & compliance obligations

Everyone who attends is entered to win an iPad!

Learn more and register today!

This morning I was asked if I recommended using transport encryption or file encryption to protect company files and data.

My answer:  “Use both of them, together!”

For starters, here’s a real quick summary of both encryption types:

  • Transport encryption (“data-in-transit”) protects the file as it travels over protocols such as FTPS (SSL), SFTP (SSH) and HTTPS.  Leading solutions use encryption strengths up to 256-bit.
  • File encryption (“data-at-rest”) encrypts an individual file so that if it ever ended up in someone else’s possession, they couldn’t open it or see the contents.  PGP is commonly used to encrypt files.

I believe that using both together provides a double-layer of protection.  The transport protects the files as they are moving…. And the PGP protects the file itself, especially important after it’s been moved and is sitting on a server, laptop, USB drive, smartphone or anywhere else.

Here’s an analogy:  Think of transport encryption as an armored truck that’s transporting money from say a retail store to a bank.  99.999% of the time that armored Brinks truck will securely transport your delivery without any incident.  But adding a second layer of protection – say you put the money in a safe before putting it in the truck – reduces the chance of compromise exponentially, both during and after transport.

One last piece of advice:  Ensure that your organization has stopped using the FTP protocol for transferring any type of confidential, private or sensitive information.  Although it’s an amazing accomplishment that FTP is still functional after 40 years, please please please realize that FTP is does not provide any encryption or guaranteed delivery – not to mention that tactically deployed FTP servers scattered throughout your organization lack the visibility, management and enforcement capabilities that modern Managed File Transfer solutions deploy.

As we stated in our earlier post, during the month of November each year, men around the world grow moustaches to raise funds and awareness for men’s health. The WhatsUp Gold Ninja is participating this year and after ten days of no shaving he has a lot of stubble!

Are you participating in Movember? Share your pictures with us!

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WhatsUp Gold Ninja – Movember Day 10: