We are really excited about the upcoming release of WhatsUp Gold version15 and if you’re in the New England area, we want to celebrate with you! 

On Wednesday, June 8th we are hosting a Launch Party at the Bleacher Bar near historic Fenway Park.  To learn more and to register, please visit our event page.

Last week I ranted a bit about the importance of governing your cloud vendors.  At about the same time, Ipswitch’s Frank Kenney participated in a panel discussion on cloud security at the Interop conference in Las Vegas.

As you know, there is great debate over whether cloud services are secure enough for businesses to use.  I believe that the cloud model will quickly evolve and prove itself to a point where security is deemed no riskier than doing business with solely on-premises tools.

I also believe that member-driven organizations such as the Cloud Security Alliance – which focus on providing security assurance within Cloud Computing – will help us get there.

At the Interop discussion, Frank Kenney spoke about the safety of the cloud, here’s what he had to say:

“Cloud customers have the obligation to assess the risk of allowing data to be stored in a cloud based on how valuable it is to the customers…. The cloud is as secure as you want it to be.

Cloud services can provide value if performance and service-level agreements align with what customers need.  If not, customers shouldn’t buy them.  It’s not ‘the sky is falling’.  Assign risks appropriately.  Security is just one of many things you have to do.”

Check out the latest video from the WhatsUp Gold Guru on proactive monitoring.  The WhatsUp Guru gives you solutions to help you find and prevent network congestion, performance bottlenecks and downtime before end-users are even affected. He explains how using the WhatsUp Gold family of products will increase your network reliability and stability.  Check it out now!

Last week a few members of the WhatsUp Gold team made their way out to Las Vegas for the 2011 Interop show.  Thanks to all who stopped by the booth for a visit – the response we got was tremendous!  Its always great speaking with our customers.

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According to a recent IDG Enterprise Outsourcing & Service Providers survey – many companies still outsource their IT services, while others are bringing it back in-house.

The biggest factors for those companies who are outsourcing are: lack of skills available in-house, costs, and managing variable staffing needs.

For those bringing their IT functions back in-house, they are focused on the importance of having the knowledge of the product in-house, specifying internal notification policies and responses, increased monitoring awareness, and organizational specific monitoring.

How is your company handling their IT services?

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Take a quick read of Google’s Terms of Service or Amazon EC2’s SLA Exclusions and you’ll see examples of how cloud platform vendors limit their governance and control responsibility.

So what happens when you put your business in the cloud and then the cloud goes down?  Just ask Foursquare, Hootsuite, Reddit, Quora and others who endured the recent EC2 outage that hobbled their websites, resulting in lost revenue and strained customer support teams.

Chances are some of your critical business processes have already moved to the cloud.  But you still need to know the instant one of them fails.

So how should you treat vendor platforms such as Salesforce.com, Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud Files and Microsoft Azure?

As the saying goes, “don’t rely on a fox to guard the chicken coop”.   Don’t rely solely on your service providers to alert you of inaccuracies or outages that they themselves have caused…. Service provider dashboards will be of no use when they themselves are responsible for failure.  A governed pipe will instantly give you that information.

Our suggestion is to treat cloud platform vendors the same way you would treat any other vendor.  Manage all file and data interactions, with visibility, management and enforcement… And carefully craft SLAs that represent end-to-end services and link them to easily trackable key performance indicators.  Cloud does not solve all your data issues on its own, but you can and should leverage your Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution to extend and govern the cloud.

We understand what it’s like – We really do.  You work hard to make sure your network is up and running but when you do your job best, no one knows because nothing has gone wrong.  Just like a ninja, you are stealth in saving the (network’s) day to keep things running smoothly.  You are the unsung heroes and we understand that.

However, this is no small feat and not without serious skill.  We want to know how you’ve earned your WUG Ninja Black Belt.  Share your stories from the field on our wugSpace forum – post a comment, upload a video, take a picture, whatever form of media you think best conveys your awesomeness.

Head over to the community site and share your story today!

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This morning, several members of the WhatsUp Gold marketing team and myself had the privilege to help out at the Celebrating Mothers event at the Liberty Hotel in Boston.  This event celebrated inspirational mothers who nurture our children, strengthen our families and help build our community.  

The event was put on by Room to Grow – an innovative program that provides parents raising babies in poverty with one-on-one parenting support and essential baby items during their children’s critical first three years of development.  The Ipswitch iCare program is excited to be part of this great organization.

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We’re packing up to head out to viva Las Vegas for this year’s Interop show.  We’ve partnered up with Cisco and will be part of their Partner Pavilion in Booth #1127.  If you are at the show be sure to come visit the WhatsUp Gold team.  Check out our product demonstrations, asks questions and meet the team.  PLUS, Product Manager Brian Jacobs will be speaking at 3 p.m. in the Cisco Solutions Theater – don’t miss it!

Hope to see you out there!

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Last Thursday, we had our first Utah-based WhatsUp Gold Customer Connect event in American Fork, Utah.  A range of customers came out to join us; some had been using WhatsUp Gold for years and others were newer to the WhatsUp Gold family. 

We loved hearing everyone’s stories, use-cases, compliments and compliants during our open 2 hour discussion with members of our Utah Product Development team and Jason Williams, Community Manager and WhatsUp Guru. 

Stay tuned for news about future customer events!