This week Google announced Google Voice would become available on the iPhone again as well as the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi.  Now in the midst of the Apple Tablet hype it was very easy to miss this announcement, but it is certainly something you should be aware of.  Through a mobile website – – users can access Google Voice, which functions almost as well as the original app version, which was rejected by Apple this past summer.

If you’re not familiar with Google Voice, this announcement does not seem particularly interesting.  However, Google Voice is an intriguing tool allowing you to create one phone number to reach all of your existing lines (cell, work, home, etc) and compiles all voicemails into a single mailbox.  Additionally, it converts all of these voicemails to text which can then be texted or emailed to the user.

Another unique feature is that different voicemail greetings can be set depending on the caller.  Perhaps its best feature is the ability to make cheaper international calls and send free texts.  With the actual app on your phone, Google Voice is integrated with your phone book allowing easy dialing.  This app works great for Android phones, including BlackBerries, Droids and NexusOnes.

However, if a customer is using the mobile site, it will be using the call features via the website using the store contact information on the web and not the individual phone.  Although this may be frustrating for quick calls, the ability to access Google Voice again is a great win for iPhone users.

Google Voice on Phones

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