There was yet another security breach inside the government this week and this one involved an employee sending personal information via the Internet.

What in the world does that mean?

Open letter to the White House CIO: please better define what you mean by Internet. As I said in earlier blog posts, whenever you pull people into the middle of information technology it is unreasonable to expect that they will self-enforce 100% of the policies 100% of the time. We won’t lock our laptops all the time. We won’t choose passwords that are totally random with a combination of numbers and punctuation (my WEP password for my wireless router is based on the key 3210abcdef!) No matter how many encryption products you put on our desktop we will forget to use them and we won’t check for SSL encryption and check the certificate on every website that we go to.

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People are non-consistent, incredibly stubborn and risk prone when it comes to information technology. Bottom line you can’t nor should you depend on them to accurately establish and mitigate risk according to your corporate standards and policies.

What incredibly geeky statement to make…

But it’s absolutely true. The future set of technologies from Ipswitch will include capabilities that better allow IT departments to have visibility, management and control of the things that people do. As vision and strategy guide it’s easy for me to make this statement, but trust me our product manager and senior developers are looking at me through the crosshairs of their rifles and shotguns. That is because they understand people dynamically assign and mitigate risk, based on context that we just cannot re-create in current IT environments.

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The Cisco Live! Barcelona show has been keeping me pretty busy; what an incredible turn out by our EMEA customers! Thank you all so much for stopping by and letting us know why you love our software. And to those new comers to the product myself and the WhatsUp Gold EMEA team has met : Welcome!

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t comment on yesterdays announcement of the acquisition of Dorian Software Inc. by Ipswitch Inc. Network Management Division, makers of WhatsUp Gold.

We are more than thrilled to have the creative and techincal saavy of Dorian CEO/Founder Andy Milford and Dorian VP of Marketing and Sales, Matthew White added to our team. And the addition of their comprehensive Event Log Management software to our product family isn’t to bad either.

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Heading to Barcelona to attend Cisco Live 2010 next week? Keep an eye out for us!

WhatsUp Gold is a part of the Cisco Small Business Architecture program and we look forward to being a part of Cisco’s shows every year. They are loads of fun and a great way to chat face to face with some of you.

The WhatsUp Gold EMEA team (and myself . . . with my camera naturally!) will on be on site at the show to introduce newbies to WhatsUp Gold and to demonstrate to those of you familiar, with the new features and plug-ins we’ve added to the product over the last year.

Oh, and we’ll also be there to drink a cocktail or two with you and give away some pretty incredible prizes as well.

Barcelona at Night

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Frank Kenney, VP of Global Strategy, Ipswitch

Frank Kenney, Ipswitch’s VP of Global Strategy, recently spoke in London at a press conference for InfoSecurity Europe, Europe’s leading information security event which take place on April 27-29, 2010.

Dan Raywood from SC Magazine UK attended this week’s press conference and his article can be seen below:

Problem with the professional consumer is leading to an information security headache
Dan Raywood  January 15, 2010

The culture of the professional consumer, or ‘prosumer’, is leading to increased problems within the workplace.

L. Frank Kenney, vice president global strategy at Ipswitch File Transfer, explained that a ‘prosumer’ is a consumer buyer who purchases an electronic device from personal funds but intends to use it primarily for business rather than consumer applications.

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2010 We are now on Day 5 of the new decade.  Feel any different now that it’s 2010? No? Me neither.

But I’ll tell you what. I was prepared to feel different and in this preparation I did what most people do around the year-end; I reflected back on 2009.

Now personally, not a whole lot has changed. My hair is a few inches longer. I’ve acquired a few new gadgets (my favorite being my Kindle and my Zoom H4n portable recorder). But I’m basically the same the person, for better or worse, I was at the start of 2009.

WhatsUp Gold, however, is not the same Network Management solution it was 12 months ago. After giving all of 3-minutes pause to ponder my personal growth – or lack thereof as the case may be – I started to think about the enhancements that were made to WUG in past year.

I began trying to tick off as many advancements as I could without consulting this last year’s impressive catalogue of release notes. Then I thought I’d make it a game.  I’ll list what I came up with and if you see I’m missing anything, anything at all, comment at the end of this blog and I’ll send you a t-shirt and a ninja (not a real ninja . . . but one of these).

And by the way . . . 2009’s explosion of features will appear paltry by 2010’s end. Stay tuned . . . we have some more tricks up our sleeves in the months to come . . .

Here goes:

WhatsUp Gold v12.4

  • Mobile Interface (this was so awesome, we made a video about it)
  • SNMPv3 Discovery
  • SNMPv3 Traps
  • Device Status Workspace report (who could forget about this? It gives a snapshot of a device including all of the groups to which it belongs.)
  • Group Status workspace reports. This shows a view similar to the Summary Counts workspace report, but only for the devices in the selected group.
  • Support for Custom Performance Monitors in bulk field change.

WhatsUp Gold v14

  • The introduction of our Alert Center allowing users the ability to alert on performance data as well as configure thresholds that alert on performance, passive, Flow Monitor and system data.
  • Additional support for defining a specific polling order for a device’s active monitors using Critical Active Monitors aka intra-device dependencies. Translation: no more alert storms!
  • WhatsUp Gold v14 Premium Edition saw the inclusion of several new active monitors including: APC UPS, Exchange, Fan, File Properties, Folder, FTP, HTTP Content, Printer, Process, Power Supply, Network Statistics, Microsoft SQL and MySQL Query, Temperature.
  • Several new actions including, SNMP Set Action, Windows Event Log Action, Text Log Action
  • Integrated a new percent variable picker for use in the Windows Event Log and Text Log actions.
  • Added new find device feature to search for WhatsUp Gold managed devices.
  • Added support for Cisco and Juniper Netscreen CPU and Memory Performance Monitors.
  • Added an Argument column to the Device Properties – Active Monitors, Device Properties – Polling > Up and Down Dependencies, and Critical Monitor dialogs to help differentiate network interface instances.
  • Added support for 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2003, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, and Windows 2008 Server.
  • Added support for MS SQL Server 2008 Standard or Enterprise Edition.
  • Added support for VmWare ESXi 3.0 or later.
  • Added support for Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008.
  • Added support for ADO credential types in the Credentials Library.

Flow Monitor 2.0

  • Changed the name from Netflow Monitor to Flow Monitor to reflect its added capability to monitor J-flow, S-flow and Netflow data.
  • Added Flow Monitor reports: including Interface Usage, ICMP Type workspace report and Packet Size Distribution workspace report.
  • Added improved Flow Monitor report configuration to allow fields in the Top Sender and Receiver workspace reports to sort by Bytes, Packets, Flows.

WhatsUp Gold 14.1

  • Ability to export reports to PDF – no more translating ugly text files to your boss.
  • New active monitor- the Wireless Access Point Radio Monitor
  • Support for Cisco Aironet Wireless Access Points (WAPs) monitoring in WhatsUp Gold Premium, Distributed, and MSP Editions.
  • New Workspace Reports including: Wireless Active Clients, Wireless Details, Wireless Errors, Wireless Last 10 Syslog Messages.


  • Provide ability to automate device configuration, device configuration backup and restore capabilities, and administer change management for network devices. (You don’t want follow in Bing’s footsteps and learn the importance of NCCM the hard way!)

Flow Publisher

  • Turn on network traffic analysis for every device and every network segment – without a costly upgrade!
  • Determine which users, applications or traffic sources are consuming bandwidth.
  • Real-time alerts when monitored traffic parameters breach targeted thresholds.
  • Access to over 40+ web and mobile reports for base-lining and analysis

And while you scramble to find the features I’ve missed so that you may collect what will be rightfully yours (remember the T-Shirt and Ninja I promised those smart few in the beginning of this post?) I will leave you with this:

Behold the Google Phone. Finally. 2010 will see a true competitor to the iPhone.


Oh yeah. And WhatsUp Gold started a pretty sweet community site this year. Check it out if you haven’t already!


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