Online ShoppingFor ambitious shoppers, Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) provides an opportunity to score some great deals online from the comfort of their own home or office.  According to ISACA, the IT governance association, 63% of people of all ages say they will shop online from their workplace computer at least once during the holiday season.

Cyber Monday, which is viewed as the start of the online holiday shopping season, provides plenty of deals to kickoff the season with a bang. is predicting 53.5% of workers will be shopping for holiday gifts at work on this single day.

What does this mean for you as a network administrator?  Well, as your fellow bargain-hungry employees are scouring the web for deals, you will likely be faced with higher bandwidth consumption, increased network traffic, and potential security risks.

The good news is there are steps you can take to mitigate these risks.  Network World released “11 Security Tips for Black Friday, Cyber Monday”, which features easy and important tips to protect your organization.  From ensuring your security software is on to using address verification systems, these tactics will help an organization avoid the problems associated with Cyber Monday.

Of course, you might be able to guess our favorite tip on the list here at WhatsUp Gold, “Monitor the networks”.  This will help you pinpoint weaknesses in the network and identify a breach if one occurs.

With Flow Monitor, a WhatsUp Gold plug-in, you can track and resolve bandwidth issues and network traffic or congestion problems.  Therefore, you can ensure critical business applications will receive the necessary bandwidth to perform.

So as you monitor your network today, remember it’s as simple as “green is good”.  And that’s just as good as the day’s bargains.

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As Vancouver continues to prepare for the 2010 Olympics, all eyes are watching.  Unfortunately, all eyes were watching on November 7 when the third and final round of ticket sales failed unleashing a fury of criticism from would-be ticket buyers.

While attempting to purchase tickets from, most would-be buyers found themselves unable to log onto the web site. And for the lucky few able to log in and select tickets, the site only crashed when they tried to checkout.   Although some buyers did receive an apology message or may have seen VANOC’s tweets noting heavy traffic, most were left wondering, “What went wrong?”

Speculation abounded about the cause of this problem and the decision to postpone the ticket sale.  Was unable to manage the increased traffic?  What is a server problem? Or a configuration problem?

Well, it turns out this was a configuration error by one of’s partners who provides the waiting room service.  On November 14, the ticket sale reopened and ran smoothly.

We understand how difficult it can be to ensure everything runs smoothly and how challenging it can be to keep your customers and fellow employees happy.  So we have designed WhatsUp Gold to simplify some of these challenges.

One thing we are very proud of is that it takes relatively little training to run WhatsUp Gold.  And with WhatsUp Gold, you will have the insight into your network to be prepared and ensure your processes run smoothly.

I’ve found myself thinking a lot about the innovation process lately.  I encounter new products on a daily basis but every once in a while I’ll stumble across one that makes me wonder, “Where do these ideas come from?”

Have you ever heard of Perky Jerky?  No? Well let me tell you about it.  Perky Jerky is the first energy-enhanced meat jerky and like many other innovative products, it was created by accident.  After spilling energy drinks onto their jerky, founders Brian Levin and Matt Keiser were surprised to find their snacks were much better than the regular jerky.  Suddenly it dawned on them; this new product was not just the first energy meat snack, but also a tasty treat customers were unknowingly waiting for.  Many jerky consumers were already enjoying their snacks with a caffeinated beverage, so what could be better than an energy-enhanced jerky product?

Looking back, it’s hard to believe none of the big players in the jerky industry recognized this unfulfilled need.  But as companies have seen time and time again, it’s often the customers who help produce some of the greatest innovations.

Here at WhatsUp Gold, we strive to be innovative as we continue to introduce updated versions of our products and develop new ones like WhatsConfigured.  As you evaluate and use our products, let us know what you think.  Your feedback is valued and used as we make changes and create new products.

We don’t want to be like the big players in the jerky industry and miss out on hearing from our most valuable source.  And who is better to help us innovate than our users?  So continue to send in your ideas.  Who knows what it could lead to?

Do you have a new idea for WhatsUp Gold?

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