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Ipswitch WS_FTP Selected by Foresight Automation to Transform Local Advertising for Rural Cable Televisions

Automated File Transfer Seamlessly Manages Uploads of
Digital Commercials to Local Cable Stations

Lexington, Massachusetts - June 19, 2006 - Ipswitch, a leading developer of network management, messaging and file transfer solutions, today announced that Ipswitch WS_FTP was chosen over the competition by Foresight Automation, Inc. Using WS_FTP Professional Secure Software Development Kit (SDK), Foresight Automation has developed a customized solution that automatically inserts local ads into channels carried on rural and secondary cable systems.

Using Ipswitch’s proven and reliable WS_FTP SDK technology, Foresight Automation has developed an all-automated inserter that can provide multiple channels with auto-connect scheduling, without operator intervention. This results in maximized ad revenue benefits and enables smaller systems to undertake advertising programs that would not otherwise be possible.

Ipswitch WS_FTP SDK allows developers to create customized data management applications. Users like Foresight Automation can embed or integrate the functionality of WS_FTP Professional into core business applications and platforms such as sales, inventory, financial, database and CRM systems.

"Ipswitch software products have always met my needs of ease of use, management, security, automation and value,” said Bill Buehler, founder and president of Foresight Automation. "We developed the inserter specifically for the rural market. Smaller cable companies often don’t have advertising sales staffs and our product serves that market well.”

WS_FTP SDK also enables users to leverage the advanced secure file transfer capabilities of WS_FTP Professional such as 256-bit AES encrypted connections over SSL/FTPS and SSH2/SFTP protocol.

“With this innovative solution, Foresight Automation has been able to take a no worries and no operator approach to ad insertions. Rural cable providers who in the past found high-end proprietary solutions too expensive and too manually intensive, and lower end products not robust enough to do the job, can now move files with great ease and reliability, through simple, cost-effective FTP transfers,” said Richard April, VP of Marketing at Ipswitch. “Our WS_FTP SDK makes this solution work effortlessly and allows it to work without human involvement. It’s an elegantly simple solution to a complex switching and control need,” April continued.

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