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Significant Order from Sports Technology Leader Validates Ipswitch’s Role as Preferred Provider for Industrial Strength, Internet-Driven File Transfer Applications

Lexington, Massachusetts - February 2, 2006 – Ipswitch, Inc. today announced it has received a sizeable order for its market-leading WS_FTP Professional 2006 file transfer client product solution from XOS Technologies. A leading provider of sports technology solutions to professional and collegiate teams and conferences, XOS delivers its industry-leading video coaching tools, facilities design and integration, online fan management and ticketing solutions to more than 700 collegiate and professional teams in the NFL, AFL, CFL, NBA, WNBA, NHL, MLB, MLS and NCAA.

While the Ipswitch WS_FTP solution has long been a commercial market leader for the secure, standards-based transfer of traditional data files, with more than 40 million users worldwide, its selection by XOS for inclusion in its Internet Exchange Solution validates the solution’s emerging preference among Web 2.0-driven companies seeking industrial strength, high-speed, highly-reliable video and audio file transfer solutions.

“XOS turned to Ipswitch after a variety of off-the-shelf alternatives proved difficult to scale and lacked important professional-grade features,” said Ennio Carboni, director of product management at Ipswitch. “The selection of Ipswitch came after XOS completed a rigorous test evaluation of WS-FTP involving powerhouse college football teams in the Big 12 Conference, especially the national champion Texas Longhorns, Texas A&M Aggies, Iowa State Cyclones and Oklahoma Sooners.”

Using XOS’ groundbreaking Internet Exchange Solution, a process that is changing the way collegiate programs and entire conferences exchange game film, the participating teams’ video coordinators conducted a series of tests to see if they could share large video files of opponents’ games over the Internet, as opposed to making late night and early morning trips to the airport to send and receive video tapes of the games. Using the Internet2 consortium’s high-bandwidth Abilene Network that each university in the Big 12 Conference is connected to, video of entire games was successfully downloaded in less than two minutes per gigabyte of data. Following the tests, XOS’ Internet Exchange Solution was rolled out to all 12 conference schools, enabling their football programs to begin game preparations earlier in the week, saving them time and money and making it possible for them to operate more efficiently both on and off the field.

“In the time-intensive and highly competitive sporting environment our partners operate in, the rapid turnaround and successful transfer of extremely large files is critical,” said Raymond Thompson, VP of product marketing at XOS Technologies. “Through the intensive testing conducted by the Big 12 Conference, Ipswitch WS_FTP was proven to be a solution that will grow and go as fast as our company and our customers are moving.”

Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional 2006 is designed to move data anywhere, anytime, in complete security. WS_FTP Professional 2006 delivers best-in-class speeds, automation and security capabilities. Industry-leading security capabilities include 256-bit AES encryption for file transfers over SFTP/SSH2 and FTPS/SSL protocols and our fully integrated OpenPGP mode for encryption of individual files. Powerful and time-saving automation features include folder synchronization, auto-compression, scheduling of transfers, and the ability to automatically send email confirmations of file transfers. The product is ideal for businesses and end users seeking maximum reliability and functionality when moving data among different computing platforms; IT managers in corporate, education and public-sector organizations who need data movement and management infrastructures that are standards-compliant and totally secure; and home office users transferring business data such as reports and databases between multiple parts of the business who must ensure the validity and security of this data.

About XOS Technologies, Inc.

In its mission to offer one-stop technology solutions geared to help professional and collegiate sports teams, conferences, leagues and athletic administrators win on and off the field, XOS Technologies has developed four product lines – Digital Video Editing Coaching Tools, Facilities Design & Integration, XOS Network Online Fan Management Platform and XOS Total Ticketing & Donor Management Solution – which help teams and leagues integrate video, data, teaching and fan management technologies to assure maximum return on each technology investment. XOS Technologies’ audio, video, computer, software and Internet products can be found at practice facilities, arenas and on the road across the country. XOS’ more than 700 clients include teams in the NFL, AFL, CFL, NBA, WNBA, NHL, MLB, MLS and NCAA. For additional information, please visit

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Ipswitch develops and markets software that works for small and mid-sized businesses worldwide. More than 100 million people use Ipswitch software every day to collaborate via Ipswitch Collaboration Suite, monitor their networks with Ipswitch WhatsUp ®, and transfer files over the Internet using the market leading Ipswitch WS_FTP ® Professional client and Ipswitch WS_FTP Server. To view the recently created Ipswitch blog visit Ipswitch values community involvement, visit to find out how to become involved. For product and sales information, write to or visit


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