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Ipswitch, Inc. Announces Ipswitch Collaboration Suite

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LEXINGTON, MA - October 25, 2004
Ipswitch, Inc., the leading developer of messaging, network monitoring and file transfer solutions, today announced the release of Ipswitch Collaboration Suite. The offering includes an array of collaboration capabilities in an easy to install, use and manage package that is the hallmark of Ipswitch software. Ipswitch Collaboration Suite, like all of the company’s solutions, is purposely designed to meet the unique technology requirements of small and mid-sized businesses.

Today, more than 60 million people worldwide use Ipswitch messaging products to communicate over the Internet. By offering the new Ipswitch Collaboration Suite, the company is responding to increasing customer demand for integrated e-mail and instant messaging, as well as shared calendaring capabilities that integrate with Microsoft Outlook® clients already in place on many users’ desktops. Additionally, Ipswitch Collaboration Suite offers a number of security features that are easy to activate, such as built-in spam filtering and anti-virus capabilities. The Suite’s capabilities make it ideal for small and medium businesses, as well as educational institutions, government agencies and Internet service providers.

“Small and mid-sized businesses often spend a disproportionate amount of time managing their systems when they implement products designed for large enterprises,” said Mark Levitt, vice president for collaborative computing at IDC. “The Ipswitch Collaboration Suite is designed to reduce the complexity and cost associated with messaging solutions, and at the same time offer effective protection against viruses and spam, especially for firms that don’t have the luxury of unlimited IT resources and administrators.”

“Ipswitch Collaboration Suite's ease of use, low cost of ownership and unmatched performance makes it the ideal integrated communications solution for our business,” said Rick DeLuco, director of Network Operations, Digital Insurance, Inc., an Atlanta-based employee benefits service center. “We are focused on providing high quality, timely customer service to our broker partners' clients. Ipswitch Collaboration Suite gives us the tools to quickly and effectively communicate internally so we can concentrate on servicing our clients. Other products we evaluated, including Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes, require constant attention, are expensive to run and do not provide nearly the return on investment.”

With the introduction of Ipswitch Collaboration Suite, Ipswitch will immediately cease to offer Ipswitch IMail Server and Ipswitch Instant Messaging as stand-alone products. They will be supported for one year. Their capabilities have been included in Ipswitch Collaboration Suite and all messaging enhancements, such as additional calendaring capabilities, will be made to the Suite.

Full-Featured Collaboration in an Easy to Manage Package
Ipswitch Collaboration Suite includes an e-mail server, instant messaging and shared calendaring capabilities, all protected by more than 20 anti-spam filters and industry-leading anti-virus technology. Additional detail is available at The Suite includes:

  • Flexible, scalable e-mail —Designed to be deployed in minutes, Ipswitch’s industry-leading e-mail server technology is ideal for offices with just a few workers or hundreds. Its ease of management and configurability also makes it the choice of service providers who need it to scale to support tens of thousands of users, but require the management capabilities to quickly get a new customer’s e-mail up and running in minutes.
  • Battle-tested anti-spam —Ipswitch Collaboration Suite’s anti-spam features are designed to identify and stop evolving spamming techniques, reduce false positives and give users more control over their day-to-day e-mail communication. Anti-spam features include Bayesian statistical filtering to assign a probability of a message being spam; real-time blackhole lists to flag domain names and IP addresses of known spammers; connection filtering to perform reverse DNS checks and verify domains; white lists of trusted e-mail or IP addresses; and inbound/outbound rules to copy, bounce, delete or redirect spam.
  • Industry-leading virus detection —Ipswitch Collaboration Suite provides two levels of anti-virus protection: a premium version powered by Symantec CarrierScan™ and a standard edition based on award-winning SOFTWIN BitDefender technology. Both provide local and virtual domain scanning. Anti-virus functionality is fully integrated, ensuring that all e-mail traffic is scanned before delivery.
  • Secure instant messaging —The Suite enables IT departments or administrators to provide secure instant messaging to all employees. All messages are encrypted for an extra level of security and, if desired, the server can be placed behind the company firewall to stop conversations from passing across public networks. These and other security measures, such as conversation recording, give users the immediacy of instant messaging, while helping enforce company usage policies.
  • Shared calendaring and free/busy —The Ipswitch Collaboration Suite’s server-based shared calendaring and free/busy features integrate with the Microsoft Outlook client preferred by many users to allow co-workers to view available and busy blocks of time and schedule meetings. Ipswitch Collaboration Suite includes complete administrative control of shared calendaring and free/busy functionality.

“The Ipswitch Collaboration Suite is another great example of how Ipswitch is addressing areas that are of the greatest concern to me, my company and our partners,” said Steven Narro, CIO of professional services company Next Generation Technology, Inc. “I can’t be saddled with unnecessary complexity. With the Ipswitch Collaboration Suite, I get a rock-solid, easy-to-manage multi-domain mail and collaboration server. Plus, I have an arsenal of weapons to deploy in a never-ending battle against spam. Overall, Ipswitch is providing a great solution.”

Ipswitch Chief Operating Officer Bill Pollack said: “Ipswitch Collaboration Suite empowers customers with the core functionality associated with heavyweight messaging products, minus the complexity. With Ipswitch Collaboration Suite, customers have the advanced e-mail, instant messaging and collaborative technology they require to do business, plus the anti-spam and anti-virus features that every company must have today to safely work online. Unlike enterprise-level collaboration solutions, Ipswitch Collaboration Suite allows small and medium businesses to obtain critical collaboration systems from a company with over a decade of experience tailoring technology for the SMB segment. We’ve delivered exactly what our market needs: the perfect balance between functionality, ease of use and management.”

Pricing and Availability

The Ipswitch Collaboration Suite is available immediately from Ipswitch for $1,295 for 25 users, $2,495 for 100 users, $4,495 for 250 users and $8,995 for unlimited users. It is also available through Ipswitch partners, which can be located through the Ipswitch Web site at /partners. All prices include one year of service support.

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