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Ipswitch Products Lead The Way According To Independent Survey

Ipswitch IMail Server, WhatsUp and WS_FTP Found To Be Superior By Leading IT Market Researcher

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LEXINGTON, MA - July 21, 2004
Ipswitch, Inc., the leading developer of network management, messaging and file transfer solutions, today announced that independent research from leading market analyst Delahaye has shown that each of its main products are thought of as being far superior to their rivals in the U.K.

The survey of over a 100 industry-leading U.K. journalists and analysts found that Ipswitch’s market-leading file transfer solution WS_FTP scored, on average, 4.5 out of 5 – 23% more than nearest rival CuteFTP which scored only 3.67. Network monitoring software WhatsUp scored 4.5, leaving HP OpenView in its wake with 4.20. Messaging solution IMail Server obtained 3.67, compared with Microsoft Exchange’s 3.44, the lowest achieving product of all.

All Ipswitch products received positive feedback in regard to their price/performance ratios; with individual praise being leveled on WS_FTP’s efficiency, WhatsUp’s ease of use and IMail Server’s security elements.

“It is great that such respected members of our industry see what our 100 million customers see – that Ipswitch’s solutions are second to none,” said Ipswitch’s VP Marketing Alex Neihaus. “Competitors large and small have grown complacent and simply assume that customers will continue to habitually buy their products. But Ipswitch knows businesses and consumers alike realize that they have choices. Delahaye’s research conclusively shows that customers who look beyond reflexive choices to Ipswitch’s award-winning products enjoy better significantly higher satisfaction with their technology decisions.”

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